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Friday, November 9, 2012

So this is Planet Houston...Market Part One

I have been so busy doing I am not even sure what but I know there are kids involved and where there are children there is something to pick up or drive to and from or feed or something...anyway I am going to try in one post to share at least some of my fun at Market.

The first thing I have to say is...YES!!!!!!!  I think ALL fabric and fabric designers are brilliant, FABULOUS, FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL!!!!! They all have been driven to design for whatever reason, to put their personal ideas and reputations out there for others to love or criticize. I am not sure I could ever put myself in the position of that kind of public scrutiny. These are brave people! The other thing is they ARE people with families and husbands, wives, children, moms and dads. It is always so nice to meet the people behind the designs, to see their real personalties and place them with the fabrics...I do LOVE them all!!!!

The first booth that I made a B-line for is Laura Gunn! She designs for Michael Miller and her newest line Cosmos is Super bright and as vibrant as Laura herself!

Funny thing was, Laura was never there when I went to visit so it took about four times and I FINALLY caught up with her!!!!! She is TOO ADORABLE! And she is the MOST FABULOUS shopper EVER!!!!!!

At Market, I missed out on meeting Joel Dewberry, he was across from Denyse Schmidt and I just somehow never times it right, I am improving on my stalking skills and was able to catch him this go round! I am SO HAPPY I did! I seriously thought he had reached the nirvana of fabric when Heirloom came out but NNNNnnnnnnnnope! Notting Hill is really something else!

Did mention Joel is REALLY tall and super nice, he held up the samples for me to get a photo, although I may have been a bet bossy and said "Here...hold these!" Joel, I apologize if I was bossy, it was right before lunch!

I have more and thought I could get it all in one post but that is not going to this is Part One,LOL!



Emily said...

so awesome! I'm jealous of all you ladies who got to go!! :) Joel Dewberry's new line looks fabulous!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

JD is a god - I would have fainted!

Kelly said...

Hey Kim - is that bag in his booth going to be a pattern? It looks fab!

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