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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My WiP Wednesday

I am already liking have this weekly reminder of  "Oh, I need to get something done!"  Thank you Lee for hosting this every week...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Spent a better part of last Sunday...or was it Saturday ironing these babies :o)

And I have the top done with the exception of some minor trimming!!!! Please excuse the bad lighting and the GREEN tape.

I was also able to finish my do.Good Stitches Believe blocks...WOOT WOOT!!!!!  I was hoping for better pics but the rain has been nonstop for days here.

So my progress
The Lucky Stars...practice block DONE, need to do Jan block
Aurifil progress, waiting for fabric
Gen X progress
Skill Builder BOM ( starting Jan 17)
do. Good stitches Believe Blocks...DONE
Bee a {modern} swapper Jan progress
#scrappytripalong quilt to baste and quilt

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Debbie said...

Looking good!!

Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said...

love that picture with the iron! So scrappy fun! And you reminded me to sign up for Do.Good Stitches, one of my new year resolutions ;)

Rebecca Grace said...

I'm impressed with anyone who is organized enough to be working on so many different projects at once! I get tunnel vision, myself, and as soon as I have more than one project starteda at the same time (like NOW, coincidentally!) I start to get panicky and anxious and paralyzed, forgetting where I left off and mixing up fabrics and supplies from different projects. How do you keep your head straight when you're switching between all of these different projects?

Katy Cameron said...

Great job this week!

Chris said...

Looks great. I like the weekly reminder to get something done as well.

Lee said...

Oooh! Love what you're doing with your Scrappy Trip! Very cool. Glad you like the WIP Wednesday thingy, keep coming back! : )

tartankiwi said...

Love your scrappy trip top. So pretty!

cottonreel said...

I love what you are showing . I think you are my kinda girl . I never get the housework finished . I love colour .
I'm snowed in , no one will visit today so I can get my scraps out and do leaders and enders .

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