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Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby quilt top finished with help from Quilty friends!

I had a great Saturday! I was sunny and warm and full of things to do!

A friend of mine had a baby last week and so I really wanted  to make her a quilt toot sweet for the new bundle of joy!  I remembered my Hat Box blocks (tutorial here) that I made enough of last year for a baby quilt but somehow just were placed into the wip bin for some reason.

 I ran across some of the blocks last week but there were some missing.  Not sure what happened to all of them so I put the ones I did find up on the Wall of Shame ( the place where I keep some of my wips to remind me not to start too many things) and was overwhelmed for a minute or two. GAH! I have many things that I need to finish!

I posted this pic on Instagram and the FABULOUS Pat Sloan said "@gogokim not shame! Sew them all into one quilt!"

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE PAT SLOAN!!!!!! Her fabulous quilty brain is only surpassed by her AWESOME kindness! Thank you Pat!!!!!

So shame thrown off my back, I was able to start the process of putting this together. This was the first step and then I had to move stuff here and there and add some touches...

and I ended up with this BEAUTY!  I really am digging this quilt!

And what photo shoot would not be complete without a PHOTOBOMB!!!!

I wish that someone would have emailed Mother Nature to tell her that Spring was last week! Yesterday afternoon the weather went back to winter so I think I will sit at my machine today and work on some quilting ideas for the new quilt top!



Canadian Abroad said...

So we aren't the only ones getting winters return. Love that quilt top. It worked out great.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

oh that is so brilliant!! what a fabulous quilt and love the adorable photobomber ;)

Kelsey said...

What a neat quilt!! We have loads of snow here today, Ohio, too. Where is spring?!?!

Anonymous said...

That's turned out lovely, no-one would know you didn't intend the blocks to go together in the one quilt! Your snow pics look lovely... Here it's "only" very cold and grey.

ktquilts said...

How sweet you are to want to email Mother Nature. I want to throttle her!!!! Lovely baby quilt!!! I wish that my orphan blocks matched so that I could empty a drawer!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

You + Pat Sloan = Go Team. It's like it was meant to be. Though, whatever happened to those other hat box blocks? No matter, you'll just have to do this again when they reappear!

And seriously ... this snow!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Looks like a perfect quilt top to me - bravo!
I am with you on the 'winter' business, I have had enough of being cold! xxx

Dawn said...

Wow! What a great quilt! Love how it turned out.
Now......if you would just share some of your winter with us here in very dry California we would be very appreciative.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really lovely... If I see Spring around somewhere I will tell her(?) to pop around at your place too! ;-)

PersimonDreams said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! All those blocks look great together :)

Definitely ready for spring around here but I have to say that it's so much nicer to see white snow on our orchard than the orchard in blossom like it was at this time last year (we ended up losing 80% of our crop). Finger's crossed for more normal weather this year!

Katy Cameron said...

Perfect resolution for the wall of shame :oD

Natasha said...

Beautiful quilt I love it! I almost spit my coffee when I read about your wall of shame! TOo funny, I should probably create one too! Great reminder.

Sara said...

Your hat box colors are terrific and good for you for telling those WIPS who's boss!!

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Sarah said...

Cute little photo bomber!

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