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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The QuiltCon Finale! {photo overload}

Now that the snow is gone and we have power again, I can finish up the Quiltcon fun!

(I had to, it was like hand shadows on the projector screen in high school)

There were so many quilts that it was HARD to be able to take photos of each every one, go to lectures and see the booths too. The quilts and the quilting was really STUNNING!  If you could not attend this Quiltcon, make sure to mark your calendar and plan on being at the next!

Lynn Harris
This quilt was really on the top of my list.  Simple, beautiful and HAPPY!

Angela Walters quilt was really fantastic. It reminds me of Vertigo.  I was completely drawn in!

Dan Rouse you are a FREAKIN ROCK STAR!  The back of this quilt is just as fantastic as the front!

Thomas Knauer and Lisa Sipes

Patty Simmons quilt with perfect curved piecing, so beautiful!

 And of course the Best in Show by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Lisa Sipes!  I need to borrow a big shot since
 I was a dork and just stood there starting at it and forgot to take an actual photo of the full quilt!

But I was standing there staring at it and waiting to get a full shot while other people were looking at it.  
There was a man with his wife and HE was showing her all the intricate quuilting that Lisa did 
( I swear she has some sort of elves working for her) and told his wife to take photos of the quilting detail.

This is the photo I did remember to take...I am GOBSMACKED!

Keep you eyes open!!!!  There may or may not be a QUILT A LONG coming up soon to a blog near you for 
this Tula Pink Beauty!!!!!

So just to wrap things up I want to share a couple more more stories and shots from Austin because Austin and the crazy, fun, kind and awesome people that live there need to know they are really appreciated!  At least by this Go-Go Girl :o)

My diet is an odd one, I am gluten and sugar free and also vegan.  I do not ask others to eat the way I do and do not judge the way others eat.  I eat this way for medical reasons and it really works for me.  Eating out can be a kind of challenge in a different city but Austin has MANY places to eat and they embrace those "different" eaters as one of their own!!!!! 

On Thursday night the gals and I decided to follow Katie to a place her sister in law said was a MUST GO TO for authentic Austin food.  SO we started the wrong direction but finally got going in the right direction and after a bit ended up here

TRAILER PARK WHAT!?!?!?! OMG!!! LOL!!!! I was skeptical about this but was willing to give it a go, with a little nudge from Katie ;o)

Great menu and really great food!!

All the gals were fed and happy!!!!  HAPPY QUILTERS Katie, Christa, Faith, Holly and Lee ( with NO FOOD in her mouth ;o) )

Love the artwork!!!!!

The next night we were meeting up again but there was some confusion about where to eat so I ended up going 
for a little walk to the local CVS for Aqua Net, it was the night of the 80's party and NOTHING holds big hair better
 than AQUANET!
I was able to see some local sights on my walk and take in the color of the area...did I happen to mention...

This is possibly my most favorite thing in Austin. I saw it on the way in from the airport and was afraid I missed getting a closer look.  I lived in San Diego for almost all of my adult life and Texas for a couple of years too.  I was raised in the Southeast but so much of who I am is in the Southwest and this really struck me.

This SHOULD  be a fabric!  It is a painted Indian food truck. The colors were so beautiful!!!  Reminds me of an Alexander Henry print...ALL of Austin reminds me of an Alexander Henry print,LOL!

This is a guitar sculpture in the middle of the sidewalk.  Again, LOVE the COLOR!!!!

These shoes were great!  Simple outfit POP of color shoes!

I realized the time and still had to eat and do my hair so I saw a nice lady on the next corner ( yes, I talk to people
 of street corners) and after chatting for a bit I asked if she knew a place for an air eater like me to quick find 
something to eat.
She took me into the restaurant she was dining at with her friends, introduced me to all of them ( I LOVE THIS PLACE)
and then they  came up with P.F. Chang's which was right down the street!
Did I mention the people in Austin are AMAZING!?!?!

I walked down the street and was shown to the bar to put in my takeout order. 

When I said howdy to the barkeep, T.J., I asked him all my usual food questions and he was so kind as to tell me 
about an off menu item for aireaters!  He made sure it was everything I needed and had them add extra veggies 
for me!  Excellent service and BRAVO to P.F. Chang's for accommdating all types of food needs!!! He even made
sure I had gluten free soy sauce!
So, if you visit and need good food and great service , go see this guy!

Finally...the PARTY!  
I will just put in a few parting party shots because it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Almost everyone dressed up and looked 
80's, it was pretty cool!  It was funny when I walked into the hotel elevator and the couple stared at me in my 
BIG hair, PINK open toe high heels and leopard print coat. I smiled and said " Don't worry, I am not a hooker, 
I am going to an 80's party".  They laughed and told me I looked perfect,LOL!

The PARTY gals!!!!! 


All the FABULOUS clothes! Rashida Coleman-Hale and Melody Miller  looking perfect!

Hi Angela, thanks for dancing with me :o)

Sukie and Lee getting serious!

Lots of dancing!

What!?!? Michael Jackson!!!!! Sukie did the part up RIGHT!

This may be my favorite of the night! Monica made an 1880's outfit for her 80's costume!!!! She is so BRILLIANT!

The next day it was time to go home.  I packed my big red bag with all the necessary items.

and sadly hopped on the plane back to the winter in VA.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Modern Quilt Guild and Austin for a great time and an enormous amount of 
NEW inspiration!
Until next time...

( yes, I really bought the shirt) 


suemac said...

Glad you liked Austin. My husband and I are transplants to Austin and are really enjoying it.

Katy Cameron said...

Sounds like a fun time all round there!

The Slow Quilter said...

Looks like you had a great time. There are some bueatiful quilts.

Jan said...

This is the best review. I felt involved, somehow.

Unknown said...

Wow! Gorgeous quilts, luv the vertigo too.

ipatchandquilt said...

Thank you for sharing! Love the t-shirt!!!

Elsa said...

Looks like you had lots of fun at QuiltCon! Love all the quilts you photographed (one's I haven't seen on any other blogs) and the 80's party looked like lots of fun!
You'd like Portland, Oregon ~ it's a lot like Austin. We've got Vegan places galore and lots of fun food carts! We've even got a Vegan strip mall with a bakery, clothing and grocery store and tattoo parlor!

Unknown said...

Kimmmmmmmmmy, where is the picture of you on 80's night.....hmmmmmmm? Inquiring minds want to know. =P
And guess what, my hubby is also from San Diego!

Big hugs, Tiffiny - Smilie Mommy

PS...You are in VA, I am in M D... we are neighbors, we must get together sometime!

Unknown said...

Not sure I left my comment correctly, it shows G+ next to my name instead of Blogger. I am sure it will all workout right? LOL! =)

Dan R said...

Aw thanks for the shout out. I love Lynn's quilt -- thanks for giving it the attention it deserves!

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