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Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Bib {free bib pattern}

I have been making this bib for years!  It has withstood the test of hundreds of babies. I still have wonderful friends tell me they have been passed on to a niece, nephew or dear friend and are being loved by all that use them. Sure does my little heart good!  

So easy to do, you will want to make them for everyone you know that is having a baby!  Cute , easy and reversible not to mention a fun stash basher project! The choices are endless once you have the basic method in place.

Here is the free bib pattern with an easy to follow tutorial! 

For a basic bib you will need two pieces of fabric 15x13.   If you are doing a variation of the pattern, like the two toned bib, you will need a  7.5inx 13in top piece and a 9x13 in bottom piece.
One piece of Batting if you are using a fabric back or you can use minky or chenille if you do not want to use a quilters cotton backing
Thread, I recommend Aurifil 40wt in many colors! They are all beautiful and so strong to hold up to thousands of washings!
Fastener, I use resin snaps on all my bibs. Velcro can also be used in place of snaps.

Print out the pattern pieces Part A and Part B .  Line them up and cut the pattern out.

For this bib I am using Thomas Knauer Asbury from Andover .  Super fun fabrics!  Choose two fabrics the top here is 7.5x 13 and the bottom is 9x13.  right sides facing sew together using a 1/4in seam, then press seam towards the bottom.

***If you are choosing the batting option** Place your sewn section on top of the batting

Using a 1/8in seam topstitch the fabric to the batting

lay the top piece on top of the backing fabric.  Make sure your backing fabric is wrong side up

Lay your pattern on top of the sandwich, pin and cut out.

Take the back fabric and flip it to the front so that the right sides are facing

Pin and sew around the entire bib leaving a 1 to 1.5in opening at the top for turning.  Back stitch at the start and end.

Turn the bib inside out

Pin the 1 to 1.5in opening closed

Topstitch around entire bib using a 1/8in seam.  I like using a contrasting thread for a little more fun.

Iron your cute bibs!

The only thing left to do is the closure. If you are using velcro, please follow the recommend guidelines provided on the package. If you are using snaps, there is a snap placement guide on the pattern that make this an adjustable bib or you can place them wherever it works best for your baby.

I have a standard size snap press but your local fabric store may have a hand held snap press. 

You will need two backs and one male and one female piece

Push the back into the end

this is how it will look on the opposite side

Place the male piece on top

and let the snap press to do the work!

Repeat the process for the female side and you are DONE!!!!

Once you have your closure completed, your bib is baby ready!

If you make these bibs, I would LOVE to see them!  Please tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!


Katy Cameron said...

Very cute :o)

Unknown said...

So cute! I have to find the bumper car fabric!! I'm making a favorite things quilts w/fabrics that remind me of trips and things from my childhood, who didn't love bumper cars! Thanks!

Unknown said...

These baby bibs are so awesome! I love the combination of the colors, it is so perfect and the design looks so simple but has a stylish side. I love this tutorial, it makes me think that making a baby bib is just so easy. Good job!

Pritika said...
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bookworm said...

That looks like the bib I made for my littles ages ago! I used Velcro instead of a snap. But I've been thinking of investing in those cute snaps and this could get me started! The bibs are always welcome to moms when there's not time to make a baby quilt!

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