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Friday, August 9, 2013

A precious gift

In the quilting community, I have had the pleasure to meet and become friends with an amazing group of people.  I am in awe of their talent, inspired by their work and their capacity to love is enough to make The Grinch's heart grow at least five times more!  I know mine did a few days ago when I received this in the mail...

This quilt is not for me, it is a gift from Thomas to Adam.  Adam had outgrown his old flannel quilt that I had made years ago.  He looked at me one night and said, "Mom, I need a new quilt, my legs are too long for this one."

He was right, his legs had grown about two feet longer than the quilt

I posted his sweet comment and Thomas responded with this...this act of love...from his heart...through his hands...to my son...

This is the first hand tied quilt I have seen up close and in person.  It is a technique I would like to try myself soon.

The binding is also completely hand stitched and the colors are so perfect!!!!! Adam will have many more years to love this quilt!!!!!

Thomas wrote more about this quilt and another in A Tale of Two Quilts on his blog.  He has way better words than I do explaining his artistic reasons.  I really only need one word to describe how I feel about this precious gift and Thomas...LOVE!



Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, it's fab! He won't be growing out of it in a hurry either ;o)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Wow, such a lovely gift to receive!

Gene Black said...

What a true joy! I know he will enjoy the quilt.

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