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Monday, August 5, 2013


During the summer I find myself getting away from the sewing room.  Vacations, kids, more house projects, the in house engineer deciding to get his Master's Degree ( while still doing his full time job) and did I mention the kids actually wanting food and clean clothes?

I feel like I need some sort of validation some sort of something to show me that I am still a part of the sewing world even if my machine has been off for more days than it has been on in the past two months. It feels like sewing is a passing whim rather than a full blown passion and it makes me sad at times. Until last Saturday night!!!!!

Last Saturday night I decided that Sunday was for me! Was for me and my SEWING MACHINE!!!! I cut out fabrics and had every little thing I needed and was ready to go the next morning and boy did it feel GOOD!!!!

I finished my June block for Aurifil Designer BOM

My two Believe do.Good Stitches blocks for July ( Pattern and tutorial is Starry Night by Fresh Lemon Quilts)

Three of the Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks ( Katy chose the colors for these)

And finally the quilt label for Thomas Knauer's baby quilt that visited all of Austin!!!!

All of these little projects are now up on my wall to remind me that I DO still have the passion! There are my validation!  The little people ( one is taller than me now) will be going off to school in a few more weeks  and I think I will miss the laughter, the fun we have had this summer and really just having them around.  They are great children and I am a very lucky mama, I know that for sure.  That being said, I am looking  forward to the quiet times with just me and my sewing machine.


Linh said...

The stuff on your design wall are beautiful!

Caz@theaccidentalquilter said...

I miss my design wall, after moving house. I must get it back up! Enjoys the last few weeks with the kids XX

Sooli said...

Great looking blocks there. Wish I had a design wall - one day I'll have a sewing room and a design wall, can't wait!

Gramma Quilter said...

What a great mama you are!

Katy Cameron said...

Geez, that whole wanting to bed fed, watered and clothed thing can get so old ;o) Love what you squeezed in though!

Lindsay Conner said...

Oh yay! So glad you found some time to sew for you (and some others!)

Laura said...

gorgeous blocks! :)

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