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Friday, September 6, 2013


It never fails, my sewing projects seem to be always one step behind where I feel like I should be.  School started last week and every year I make Katy's pencil pouch.  Do I have it!  It is not all my fault, she was overwhelmed at all the choices in fabric and when she did decide on one it was an oop Heather Ross that I have NONE in my stash.  Leave it to my child to fall in love with a beautiful oop HR,LOL!

So we regrouped and decided on tiny fussy cuts to be surrounded in black to make them POP!!!  To help the popping I decided to add some fmq around all the blocks. It is super hard to see but there are pebbles in between the fussy cuts.

This is the front

Have I ever mentioned how incredibly FANTASTIC the people in the quilting community are?  I love them so very much!  When I put out that I was looking for the Heather Ross unicorns I had a couple of offers to send some to me.  When Katy decided that we could make it without I declined the offers.  Then there was a wee bit of arm twisting from John Adams.  I asked Katy and she was all BEAMING so how could I say no?  My lovely friend Grizzly made Katy a VERY VERY HAPPY girl yesterday!!!!  This is what came in the mail!  She is in love and I am very grateful!!!! So this is going on the back of the pouch along with something that Sara's sweet little girl sewed for Katy.  I am super excited to have this ready for her.

Sometimes sewcrastination works out in my favor!


Eva Leisure said...

They really pop - also like the little pebbles. Aren't unicorns supposed to bring good luck? In this case they somehow brought themselves. ;-)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Gawd bless the big man!
Lucky little lady x

Katy Cameron said...

I told you about us Katys and our good taste ;o) Loving this!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Aww that's super cute! She clearly has excellent taste!

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Looking gorgeous - lucky girl!!

Laura said...

that unicorn is my favouritest print EVER!!! :) the hedgehog is cute too :) thanks for sharing

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