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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Katydid Bag

This is my bag review for the AWESOME Purse Palooza event going on over at Sew Sweetness!  I was supposed to have this completed October 1st...did not happen.  Did not even come close to happening.  I was planing on making the Lilium Laptop Bag but in my mind I had envisioned that the compass I made was going to fit on the flap and I was WRONG!  I looked through all the other bags and then called Sara.  This happens every time I make a bag  since I am not a bag maker and she knows everything there is to know about bags.  I knew she would walk me through finding the "right" bag for my block and not make me feel like a complete idiot.

Unfortunately for me there was no other pattern that would Sara said "I have an idea..." and The Katydid Bag was what came out of my inability to conform and my having the best friend in the world!

Now, if you know Sara, you know that she has been CRAZY busy with not only her business but other stuff too.  I sent her a message telling her NOT TO design a new bag and that I would make something else and this one can wait.  I woke up to an email saying " I know you told me not too but I love you too much".  GAH!  And she named it after her mini me Katy that LIVES with me so I could not be totally pissed.

Sara sent me the pattern with all the directions I needed.  There were limited photos which made me consider biting my nails again.  I am so very visual and need lots of actual photos, with Sara's instructions, I did not need the usual picture for every step.

The only adjustments I made to the original pattern were the handle holders were bias folded and I changed it to make holders that were flat on either side. I also needed to sew with a 1/4 in seam instead of the 1/2in suggested.  I wanted for my compass points to show.

I made the front panel using the pattern on Quilting on the Square .  I want to make them all. Really great patterns.  I made the block scrappy using many different designers including Kate Spain, Heather Ross and Joel Dewberry. The lining fabric is Alexander Henry Mirabelle, one of my all time favorite prints. I would do a happy dance if they would send me 20 yds of that print!  The background fabric is from Joann's.  It is not 100 percent cotton and is more like a microfiber.  Stretched a bit more than I would have liked but the fact that it is a perfect black made up for the slight difficulty in handling. For the interfacing I used the recommended Pellon sf-101 and Annie's Soft and Stable. The thread used was my trusty Aurifil.  I used 50wt for the topstitching and quilting and the 40wt for the bag assembly.

The features of this bag are what make me want to make another.   The recessed zipper is easy and creates a finished look.

SO MUCH ROOM!!!! If you have even been with me anywhere, you know I carry a ton of crap.  Still not sure what it all is but it is ALL in my bag.  This one will meet my needs for sure!

The pattern called for two zippered pockets.  I chose to do one.  I only had this one fab vintage pink zipper from Lindsay  to use and well, it is just perfection.  Do not be afraid to do zippers.  It is easy and the method Sara uses is one of the most simple.  If you are doing it for the first time, try it out on  a scrap first.  Get comfortable with it and you will be a pro in no tome!

Inside is a fun bit of Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt.  It looks so great with the Alexander Henry Mirabelle

I am not even sure when Sara plans to release this pattern but when she does...GET IT!!!  It is easy and AMAZING!!!! If you are going to Quilt Market please look for this bag, it will be there with me :)

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suemac said...

Love the bag. You even have some Laurie Wishbrun chairs.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Your bay is so beautiful! You must be so proud!! Love the colors, the quilting and that lining fabric is gorgeous. It's awesome!

Little Island Quilting said...

Rather gorgeous

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh that looks so lovely - Sara is such a great mate! xxx

Am L said...

That is a really great bag, great job. I have yet to make a bag, or do zippers, but I might have to attempt this pattern. I'll keep my eyes peeled for its release. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Jamee Quilts said...

that is one beautiful bag!

Beth said...

That bag is gorgeous! I love the pieced compass block!

Toni said... love love...can't wait for pattern.

Gramma Quilter said...

Such a great bag. The lining fabric is fabulous!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay Sara, and go you, love the block!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I want to make this bag. But with 2 pockets and my own scrappy star. Or, now that you are an expert... ;)

Alicia said...

Such a great finish! It is one of a kind, and beautiful!

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