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Friday, January 3, 2014

And there is always room for more Block of the Month fun!

Okay another collection of varied Block of the Month site for 2014!  So many choices for everyone :o)

Alyssa from Pile O Fabric has collected some of the best block for a Skill Builder Block of the Month.  The is a fee for this one but I think it will be well wort it to learn something new or maybe learn a new trick or two for something you already know how to sew.

I had to say WOW when I saw this Block of the Month.  It is Mexican Tiles in applique. Reeze from Morning Glory Designs has put together these gorgeous blocks and is offering them free for the month the are current.  They will be available for a small fee after the month is up.  This promises to produce some outstanding quilts!

If you are looking for something a little more simple and a scrapbuster ( aren't we all looking for those scrapbusters?) you may want to try the Fractured Four Patches on Northwest Quilters. These sweet little blocks can be whipped up in no time and well, I love that fast finish sometimes.

And the last one for tonight is a Civil War Quilts Block of the Month.   The start date for this BOM is Jan 25.

"The theme Threads of Memory refers to the Underground Railroad. Each month you'll get a block named for an important place in the story of the network that assisted slaves on the road to freedom. We'll explore true stories of people who lived in slavery, escaped on the "Liberty Line" or helped the fugitives."



Anonymous said...

The "Fractured 4 Patches" (or Disappearing 4 Patch) is one of my faves!!! But I dare not venture beyond what is already on my "to do" list!!!! Great BOM all.....think I'll watch from the shadows!!! Hugs.......

grapes and hearts said...

If you booked that BOM of Pile o' fabric I'll see you there!!! I made my first block today :)

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