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Friday, January 3, 2014

I am here to PUMP YOU UP!

Are you READY!!!!???!!!!

( photo not mine... borrowed from IMDb)

I have been busy pumping iron to get my energy back up ( I am currently No-Go Kim) after finding out that I am iron deficiency anemic...WTH!  I had been tired...not the normal mom is running around, I am a single mom until the in house engineer is out of school ( nine more months of that madness...please say a prayer for me) but the OMG I feel like I am in my first trimester of pregnancy tired...arse dragging...no amount of coffee would help...lead in my veins tired.  It started in October, I saw my running times go from 10min miles to 13 min miles and was gasping for air.  I thought , okay, I am over doing it.  I will just relax a bit, nap after the third cup of coffee and hope for the best. The best did not happen and the running did not happen and the sewing is now behind ( but getting caught up).  By the time my nails were peeling off and my hair was falling out I knew it was time to ask what the HECK was happening.  My dear friend Tracy TOLD ME that I should go see the my doctor back in October.  Did I listen, noooo...duh me!  I was too busy with going here and there and making sure everyone had food and clean undies to wear to school and work. I could have stopped all of this nonsense in Oct but I just did not make the time.  How often do we NOT make the time for ourselves even when we know deep down it is something we should do?

The message I am taking away from this is I will be listening to my body more, it knows what it is talking about and so do my friends.  If you are tired not from just being a mom or tired for more than a few weeks,  I urge you to have your iron tested.  Heck, ask to be tested in your yearly physical.  Many doctors do not run this test as a usual screen. If you have the opportunity to catch it at the deficiency stage instead of the anemic stage, you will be much happier, trust me!  This is not one of those things to mess around with and it really only takes a few minutes of your time. I  had my blood test on a Monday and the results on Tuesday.  Now I am on the road to recovery with my little green pills that after a little over week I have at least lifted the fog a little bit that had been plaguing me for the past months.  It will take time to fell 100% again and then I will have to make sure my stores are all built up too.  My plan is to be running again in two months.  We will see what my body has to say about that ;o)

Please visit the American Society of Hematology  to find out if you are at risk.

I will be posting more ( thank goodness) and have some amazing ideas and giveaways that were sadly put on hold.



Katy Cameron said...

Glad you got it worked out eventually and have magic pills to boot! Hope 2014 is a healthier year for you :o)

sherry said...

yes that anemia sneaks up on you...take your iron pills with vitamin c it will increase the uptake of the iron by your body

Ella said...

Wishing you a healthier, happy 2014!

Unknown said...

So glad you got it checked and are on therapy to correct it.

It's a nasty thing, that deficiency.

As one that battled it for quite awhile (juvenile platelets anyone? I had many to share, lolol), I finally got it corrected but I still pay attention.
Never again do I want to feel so cold that I can't get warm.

Happy healing and I'll cheer you on when you start running again.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Hope you get back to your energetic self soon xxx

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Mine was picked up in October. So THAT is why I felt so tired! Iron supplements and lots of red meat later, I am already feeling much perkier. I hope you do soon too.

bulabean said...

Interesting.. I was just diagnosed with this a week before christmas after having been exhausted for a very long time. I was given little red pills...hope they work.

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