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Saturday, February 22, 2014

#loveiseverywhere...or why showing up to quilt guild meetings are a good idea!

If you are a friend on instagram  may have seen my  hashtag #loveiseverywhere.

It started in April 2011, way before I was even on instagram,  when I was taking down trees in the front yard with a chainsaw ( it was my anniversary present) and I had never seen anything like this before...right in the middle of this tree was a perfect little heart.  I have been seeing hearts ever since.  I do not look for them, I have never even really liked heart anything but there they are. They remind me that even on my crappy days, when I look awful and cannot seem to get out of my own way...there it is...always...LOVE...

So, back to the pillow that really is the reason you are here...

The Fredericksburg Modern Quilt Guild is held either on a weeknight, which I cannot do until the in house engineer finishes his Master's program ( SEVEN MORE MONTHS), or on the weekend.  I have missed more than one from having to do the mama thing but I promised Becky from Sarcastic Quilter  that I would make this one!

I have been working on the binding for the Baby Love quilt so I grabbed it and off I went.

I was not even remotely on time but there were still some fun to be had for sure and Rhonda at The Crazy Cousin was amazingly kind to let us use the bright and spacious classroom for our meeting. If you are in Fredericksburg, stop in and do some shopping!

This is me and Becky in the FAB classroom!!!

We had some laughs and I was able to get a ton of my binding on! So much so, that I may be completed with my quilt this weekend. Amazing what one can accomplish with uninterrupted sewing time.

So we were doing a little sew and tell and Becky brought out the pillow...OMG!!!! I said LOOK  #loveiseverywhere!!!!  Is that for me ( I was seriously joking)?  When she said yes, I about fell over!!!!

Did I happen to mention that I have been blessed with the MOST AMAZING group of friends EVER!?!

Becky has a FREE  Heart Block tutorial on her blog for this beauty!  She is really amazing and I love her!

Now it is stuffed an on my sofa as a reminder that #loveiseverywhere and show up to your Quilt Guild meetings, you just never know what surprises await you :o)



Carla said...

Looks right at home there and I love the VW van too

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, perfect!

Elsa said...

Love the pillow ~ what a sweet friend!
I see hearts everywhere too ~ have you found any heart rocks? I've got a bunch!

jeifner said...

That is so fun! And timely as I've been contemplating going to the next guild meeting.

Am L said...

Aw, you have great friends! I'm not a heart person either, but I love your IG posts with the hearts you find.

Gramma Quilter said...

Made me think of the song "Love is all you need" Beatles i think.

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