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Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEWjo Saturday giveaway hint!

As promised, a hint.  It is a kind of fun hint because there are many things that can be in this box, it is kind of like a Tiffany & Co. box, it has that beautiful perfect blue and it really does not matter WHAT is on the will be AWESOME!  When you see what is inside you could even swoon a bit ;o)  So this is what you have the chance to win by linking up your photo for your SEWjo Saturday!  Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Please grab the button and share the weekend fun



Renee said...

Count me in! Especially if Aurifil is going to involved.

SewMisadventurous said...

Am dying to take part in a give-away, I posted everything in the button (and your site address and pictures popped up) on my facebook page, and told all my friends that you taught me how to make Cathedral windows, for which I Thank you, my scorched finger nails and burnt fingertips, aren't quite so 'into' the Thankfest. lol

jeifner said...

Good lookin box you have there :)

Karen M said...

I've added the button to my blog. Thanks for offering a Saturday link up. That works for me.

Vera said...

Oh fun! I try to come up with something!

Katy Cameron said...

I'm betting it comes on a spool... ;o)

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