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Monday, March 17, 2014

Who's this? Quilty friends, gifts included!

Part of the reason I love sewing is the community that comes along with it.  A group of people that come from all walks of life, all parts of the world, every age group from the grandmothers ( yes, I am proudly in this group) to the teens just starting out.  There are experienced quilters that love to help you out when you get stuck and need a sounding board, Pat Sloan was my first OMG I AM STUCK reach out to a quilter I never met and she responded immediately!  ( I was more than a little gobsmacked) She assured me that what I was doing was correct and gave me great advice..." Have FUN!"  I have LOVED her ever since.  I cannot imagine sewing without being surrounded by my sewing friends both in real life and in my virtual sewing room.  It is great to be able to share on the blog , Instagram, and Facebook.  I know I can count on so many friends to say, "That looks great!,  " We are behind too" or " I know how that feels".  I love to be able share in what all of my friends are working on too.  The inspiration you all provide is invaluable to me.  You guys are awesome and I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Sometimes, when it is not snowing all the time,  I do get to meet up with some of my real life friends.  We have sewing playdates at houses, guild meets up or just go to Ikea for a quick bite and some fabric ooohing and aaaahhhhing.  This past few months have been especially precious to me since my sewing friends have even been visiting from other states to share with me the sadness of my boy leaving for deployment to Afghanistan last year. He will be home in about eight weeks and I am beside myself with excitement!

This past week ( before the snow) I was able to drive up to DC to see Katie and Laura and then I also was able to visit with these girls!

There was a sewing playdate set up on Monday but with me being me I forgot to check if I had the correct address. I did not and so I missed out :(   Tuesday these three FAB friends made the trek to may part of the world and we had a quick trip to Joann Fabrics and then off to Wegmans for lunch ( If you ever want to see Amy Lou Who...tell her you are going to Wegmans...she will show up) .  Karie from twoqwikquilters made the sweetest hexi mug rug ( I will be not using it a s a mug rug but a mini)

and Becky, Sarcastic Quilter, made the cutest little fabric box.  I had my choice and I chose the  Japanese robots! It is perfect to have as a pin catcher right by my Bernina so I do not step on anymore pins.

THREE CHEERS for Safety!!!!  Thank you so much Karie and Becky!  I love ya!!!  I love you too Amy ;o)

Thanks to all my sewing friends that help me to keep my sanity!  LOVE Y'ALL



suemac said...

It is so nice that you have such great quilty friends.

Katy Cameron said...

Meeting up with online friends is the bestest!

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