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Saturday, June 7, 2014

SEWjo Saturday { What thread weight for what project and an Aurifil incentive prize}

Good Morning!!!!!  I hope that everyone has had an amazing week of lots of time to have fun with projects!

Sewing has not been in the cards for me much this week. I hurt my arm on Tuesday afternoon and ended up with a stupid splint.  Not the best way to get stuff accomplished.  I am hoping to change that today with a trip up to see my friend Kelly Ann :o)  She owns Kelly Ann's Quilting  in Warrenton, VA.  Her cute shop and has more fabric selections and fun than I may be able to handle today.  She is hosting a sew in for Quilts of Honor East.  I am gonna go hang for a few hours and see what I can get accomplished.

In my mail this week was something very exciting and it will be the incentive prize this week!

AURIFIL sample packs!

Some of you know and some of you may not know that I have been working for Aurifil the past two years as the social media and quit guild donation coordinator ( the other reason I am so behind in projects).   I am lucky enough to be able to have access to fun thread items like this sample pack of all the weights of thread ( and a spool of the floss).  I specifically asked for this set because I think it is the best way for people to be able to see and feel the difference in the weights of the threads in person.

I will not go into the fine details of how the thread is made, Alex is the master of discussion when it comes to thread production.  He will be on the road ALL SUMMER giving very intimate lectures at local quilt shops sharing all the behind the scenes how these threads are made explanations.  Check with your Local Quilt Shop and see if he will be stopping in ;o)

I want to keep this simple and just let you know how I choose and use in my sewing room.  Very creative friends are coming up with new uses all the time so feel free to try something new and exciting!  the possibilities are always endless!!!!

Starting from the left:
50wt( orange top) is the number ONE piecing thread for flat seams and wonderful for quilting when you want the stitches to melt into your quilt.

40wt (green top)  My GO TO thread for everyday sewing, garment and bag sewing and perfect for quilting with more of an impact.

28wt ( gray top) this is really my favorite for quilting.  I do not have enough of this one in my sewing room. It glides through the machine like butter and it also fabulous when used as topstitching.

12wt ( red top) Want quilting with a WOW factor?  This is your thread!  You can use this thread in your domestic home machine ( mine is a Bernina 440 QE) by using a larger needle like a topstitching or leather needle and using 40wt in the bobbin.  Depending on your machine you may need to adjust the tension, I did not have this issue.  This thread can also be used for beautiful embroidery and lovely hand quilting.

Aurifloss LOVE this so much!  This floss is so beautiful and perfect for any hand stitching projects you may have. Six strands of perfect cotton floss that can be separated. Can also be used for hand quilting and best of all...the adorable wooden spool!

12wt wool ( red top) this is a dream to use in hand stitching.  Lovely matte finish and  perfect to use with either wool projects or in any of your embroidery projects.  I have not tried this one on my machine but I know that many people have done so successfully :o)

Each come with all the information you need to make the right choice when choosing your project.

MAKO ( cotton) 40 wt ,  the color number 2884 and the small spools of 40 wt hold 150 metres of thread

I will be giving one sample set away for the incentive this week :O)

Let's get our SEWjo (sewing mojo) going!  This link up will be open the WHOLE WEEKEND to give you LOTS of time in case you need to do silly other stuff like make dinner or driving your kids somewhere and then there is always making sure you have good lighting. The things we all have to go through...sigh ;o)

To participate in the party please... 
1. Share a project from this past week or TODAY!!!  Link it up from your blog or, if you do not have a blog, your Flickr photos. It can be a  FABULOUS finish or a WIP ( any progress is always good)that you are working hard to get off your sewing table!

2. Share a link back to SEWjo Saturday somewhere in your post. I would be over the moon if you grabbed the button and shared that too ;o)

3. Share some love with some of the other posters!!!!  Visit some of the linked up photos and get inspired by other quilty friends' work. And please leave some sunshine in their comments! Let's support each other!  

This week random winner!!!!!!



Debbie said...

Beautiful threads! I really do need to try the other weights!

charlotte said...

I do love Aurifil thread. I have only used the 50 weight, as that is all my LQS sells. I have bee thinking about the other weights and am thinking about ordering some for two quilts I will be quilting soon.

Katherine said...

Thanks, Kim! I so want to collect Aurifil in other weights (some 28wt would've been perfect for the project I'm sharing today, although I do love that 50wt I used).
Hope your arm is better! Wishing you a great weekend.

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

Thanks for the thread tut. I will be looking for some 28 wtfor my next quilt. i use 50 for everything now.

pinsandneedles said...

Love Aurifil thread! Great information on the different weights and their uses. Thanks!

Vera said...

Nice pics and great description for the thread.

Leanne said...

So does that mean that it is not Alex V who comments on instagram but really you? Lovely threads, I am going to try and blog today about todays sewing and come back and link up, I really want the red threads.

margaret said...

thanks for the info on the threads, it is very useful, will pass on entering the give away as do not have a clue how to do the link etc!Love the green threads you have shown today.

Gene Black said...

I have nothing to share at this point - but I would LOVE to have one of those giant cones Alex is often pictured with in a 12 wt for weaving! That would be so excellent to work with.

Kris said...

A while back I won a pack of Aurifil thread and I and my sewing machine love it. I especially love the 50 wt for piecing but I want to try the other weights for some thread play. I don't have a local shop that carries it so I have to order or drive a long way to get some. I should have Alex come to one of our guilds. I know other quilters in town would love it as much as I do.

Jessica said...

I sew with 50 weight Aurifil all the time but I haven't tried the other weights yet! I would love to!

Dorian said...

I'm sorry about your arm Kim, hope it feels better soon. Fabric shopping always takes your mind off something like that :) Thanks for another fun week and prize!

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

I wondered how you had so many great Auriful giveaways, Kim, and now I know! THANK YOU for explaining the difference in the threads here. Just this week I was asking my guild if they'd include a thread talk in our programming for next year - it's the one area of quilting that I still have no good grasp of. I appreciate your simple explanations of when to try each one : )

Rachell said...

Ouch, Kim! Hope your arm gets better quickly!
I started the week with the stomach bug. Yuck for 1-2 days, and took the rest if the week for me to start feeling better. And baby's teething and wouldn't go to sleep for my hubby while I was at work. Boo.
Being able to sew a bit helps my mood, even through the exhaustion. Especially with the bright, happy colors I'm working with. You too?

Carol said...

Love the green colors! I accidentally linked up twice! Sorry! You can delete one of those "Grandma's Quilt" links -- I won't be offended. (:

WhoMom said...

Those colors are so beautiful! I'm ready to try out some Aurifil thread, having some problems with the current thread I've been using.

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