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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SEWjo Saturday Birthday sewing!

I finally made it!  I made it to the ripe young age of 48 and I have now sewn my very first apron!!!!  I also had to renew my license which is why this post is up late.  Morning at the DMV...FUN!  Not really fun but I am legal again :o)

For the apron I wanted retro cool so I dove into my collection of Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt.  I really wish this would be reprinted.  It is, by far, my most favorite Denyse Schmidt line.  This is an apron I will wear all the time!

I used this Vogue pattern and chose A as my base.

 I made a couple of changes to the original to make it my own.

I added the floral pop of fun!

and the edge on the pocket.

I honestly could not figure out the instruction for the straps in the back.  I am neither a garment sewer nor a pattern reader.  Thank goodness I had a surprise visit from Heather from The Sewing Loft for my birthday!  She brought me gifts and knowledge!!!!!  Thank you Heather!  She has a SWEET quilt in the new book by Martingale  Fun Sized Quilts!

This made me laugh so much!

The incentive giveaway this week is two mini charms  of Valori Wells fabric for Robert Kaufman!!!!!

Let's get our SEWjo (sewing mojo) going!  This link up will be open the WHOLE WEEKEND to give you LOTS of time in case you need to do silly other stuff like make dinner or driving your kids somewhere and then there is always making sure you have good lighting. The things we all have to go through...sigh ;o)

To participate in the party please... 
1. Share a project from this past  THREE weeks ( I want to get all caught up) or TODAY!!! 
Link it up from your blog, your Flickr photos, and now your Instagram by using your Instagram URL as the link.  Please hashtag #SEWjoSaturday and @gogokim :o)   

2. Share a link back to SEWjo Saturday somewhere in your post. I would be over the moon if you grabbed the button and shared that too ;o)

3. Share some love with some of the other posters!!!!  Visit some of the linked up photos and get inspired by other quilty friends' work. And please leave some sunshine in their comments! Let's support each other!  



Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Great apron!! I have a pattern similar to the one you show - you have inspired me!!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday. Such a cute apron.

Lisa England said...

Happy Birthday!

memmens said...

Happy day, hope you get to do all the things you enjoy. I've made a couple of aprons, but mostly I find cute vintage ones at the car boot sale for hardly any money!

Vera said...

Happy Bday! I could use some apron as well but the one that covers whole front :-)

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Gorgeous apron - looks fab in Katie Jump rope. I would want to wear this beauty all the time, too!

margaret said...

happy birthday, lovely apron, mind you don`t get it dirty! Have pinned you but do not have a clue how to link a photo for the lucky draw.Still struggling to work out how to put a pin on my tinghs on my blog too modern computeres etc too complicated for me!

Ella and Nesta said...

Happy birthday! Love the details you've added to your apron!

Dorian said...

Happy birthday Kim! Our birthdays are exactly a month a part ;) Your apron looks great.

Katy Cameron said...

Ha, loving the apron and the gifts

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