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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who needs a pattern?

Me!  At least usually I do.  I am not a garment sewer.  I am a wanna be, sparkle in my eye every time I see a vintage Vogue pattern kinda girl.  I like fitted clothing that defines a woman's shape.  Women...all women have beautiful bodies.   Those types of garments require patterns.

I was having sewing issues a couple of weeks ago and decided to sew something "just because".  Island Batik had send me some rayon batiks to test with different thread weights to see which worked the best.  Katy is a DIE HARD batik fan.  She saw the fabrics and squealed in delight.  "Can you make me a dress?"  was the first question.  Since I had been cutting everything 1/2 in short in two of my previous projects my instant response was "NO!"

I asked her to look to her oracle of everything that one could ever need...Pinterest...to find a few ideas that she liked in a skirt.  I had made a skirt before.  This concept was not completely foreign to me, so I had a semi-comfort level with doing this for her.  And there was enough fabric that if I totally failed, I could make another!  She choose quite a few and I asked her what she liked about each of them.  I turned into a semi sewing lesson for her and she was interested ( there may have been angels singing).

I took this madness one step further and decided to do it PATTERN FREE...SAY WHAT...

Yes, I wanted to push my sewing limits and see if I could do this to sweep out the cobwebs or dust bunnies or whatever else had accumulated in my brain to muck up my sewing process!  And this is the result...

The photos are not the best but she did not want to take any!  I will happily live with this compromise.

The skirt is gathered  with a zippered back and a tie that wraps to the front.  One of my versions had a tie going to the back and I think we are making that one next.  She absolutely love everything about this skirt.  That makes me one happy mama.

It was really nice to sew "just because", to push the sewing brain out of it's funk, to create something that will be loved for someone I love.  I need to do this more.

And the thread weight I decided upon was Aurifil 40wt :)



teachpany said...

Great skirt, gorgeous batik, and great suggestion for the thread. I've used both Aurifil 40wt and 50wt in garment sewing, and Aurifil 40wt is just a bit more durable in the seams. Have fun making the next one!

Katy Cameron said...

Both she, and the skirt, are beautiful :o)

Nita said...

Oh, what fun you had! To have an idea and then figure out how to make it work! The skirt is fabulous! I'm trying to figure out how to make a dress that I'm sewing fit me...the arm holes (it's sleeveless) are too big and there isn't room to take in the side seam. Argh! Fun times for the brain, lol!

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