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Friday, December 12, 2014

Hidden Treasures!

We all have them in our sewing rooms, those bits and pieces of projects scraps that were just too good or big or vvhtf or just have that " I know I will use this later"  look to them.  They sit in a bin, ziploc or pile until a much later date ( three years is later right?) when they are accidentally unearthed and seen in a completely new light.  This is one of those treasures :o)

I was not looking to make a project, I have my plate full with over due projects as it is.  I started one that kicked my butt and was looking for fabrics to restart and I came upon the scraps from a Kate Spain project I made I think three years ago.  I am not sure why I hung onto the bits left over from the stocking I made but I am happy now that I did! This is what was created using those scraps...A scrappy Christmas pillow!!!!

I have done nothing for Christmas decorating this year.  It has been one thing after another around here ( today is two kids home with the flu) so the "norm" has been changed.  When I found this bag of left items day before yesterday, I could not remember what it was for and then I remembered I had used it to make stockings.  I was looking at the sweet strips and the idea popped into my head.

Grabbed the ruler and started playing by angling it and cutting down both sides to create the tree!

I liked the look of the background fabric since it appears to be snowing

Choose some Aurifil colors and sat down at my Bernina 440 with a fun idea.

I used a little Pellon Fusable Fleece behind each of the trees to create more dimension and started playing with decorative stitches.  I had a practice piece first to make sure that with a layer of Pellon and batting that the stitches would work.

I had so much fun creating the "decorations" on the trees!

I made an envelope back using the Julie Herman tutorial on Sew Mama Sew ( it is perfection). I made two red Gingham larger pillow to bring it all together and now at least part of my home is somewhat decorated for the holidays.



lalaluu said...

Love the decorative stitches on your impromptu Christmas trees - so inspiring!

margaret said...

scraps can make wonderful things as you have shown here, how good to have Xmas cushions to bring out each year. Mind you I do not decorate myself anymore but love to see what others do

Elsa said...

Darling pillows ~ love that VW bus! Thanks for the inspiration ~ scraps can be a wondrous thing!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those impromptu projects are the best!!!! Very festive!!!

Teresa S. said...

Adorable! What a great use for those decorative stitches. I'm inspired!

Katy Cameron said...

Love the wavy tree edges, very funky :o)

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

This is just so cute Kim!!! I love finding those bits that give new inspiration too :)

Run 'n Stitch said...

I love your pillows. You are so creative!!

Susan said...

Where did you get the VW Bus pattern??? I love it. We have a Volkswagen dealership and would love to get that pattern. If you can tell me my email address is smoffitthenson@suddenlink.net

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