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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!  I really had started all of this to make a walking space in the craziness that is my sewing room.  I just wanted shelves!  I realized after I painted and before I found and was able to get the right shelves that I needed to make this a place of calm of organization where I can work and not feel completely overwhelmed by not being able to find what I am looking for to start or finish projects.  This will take longer than had been originally planned. The end result will be a much better space than one that is just thrown together for the sake of moving to cover a mess.

This week I have one design wall created.  My last design wall was literally batting stapled to the wall.  This one is a sheet of $10 drywall covered with white flannel and stapled to the back.  It is 8ftx4ft.  This weekend I will be making one that will be 8x8 for the other wall for larger projects or to have the ability to work on two ( or more) projects at once without putting things away to be forgotten about like these AMAZING Kate Spain blocks ( can you believe I had forgotten I started these)  from the Aurifil Block of the Month from 2013!  It is a free BOM and you can still have access to all of the block patterns on Auribuzz.

The mini quilts made it back up on the wall beside my ironing board to bring me joy!

At Home Goods I found this cute crate to store some of my Aurifil threads in!  It is super cool since it will fit on my shelves and fits so many spools! This was my first visit to Home Goods  and when I have more time I want to go back and see more of what they have to offer.

I am tackling the scrap monster this week too!  This has to be my least favorite task but I am having a giveaway of this SCRAPTASTIC on my Instagram so if you want to enter just visit gogokim and leave a comment on the post with the scraps :)   The scraps are Denyse Schmidt, Heather ropes, Tula Pink, Art Gallery...and so much more...Please feel free to also leave words of encouragement...this is HARD work!



memmens said...

Tidying/organising my sewing space was on the list for this month, you are reminding me that it still needs to be done! I love your spool organisation but is it a pain to have to pull them out to see what colour they are?

annabelle said...

I'm doing the same this week. Mine includes art supplies, homeschool supplies, games/puzzles, books, and my fabric. And all I'm done is put a fresh coat of paint on one of the shelves. I better get moving ;)
Your's is looking great and you are almost done!!!

annabelle said...

I tried to leave a comment on your giveaway but not sure if it worked.
You are so sweet to share with someone, thank you :)

Unknown said...

Looking great!!!

TheSewingLoft said...

Drooling! I love the design wall and how everything looks so inviting. Actually, I think it's calling me. lol

Can not wait to see the rest.


Katy Cameron said...

Ha, this always happens to me too, do one thing, then there's another thing that needs to be sorted because you fixed the first thing, and so on. It took me 2 weeks to deep clean my flat after my breakdown last November, specifically because there were snowballing projects lol

Elsa said...

Looks so lovely and inviting!
I really need to do an overhaul of my sewing space too ~ it's so small and so crowded with stuff that sometimes I can't even think!
Also I like the reference to the Elephant ~ and need to remember this al all times!!!

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

I don't Instagram, does this comment count? My goal this year is to learn to do more with scraps! I LOVE organizing them...first I tried by size, that didn't work so well, this year I am going by color...with a few generic sizes I like such at 3.5x3.5 squares. I am not a scrappy person, but someone with COLOR instead of SCRAPS and it might be is! I fill a basket under my desk with the scraps then when it is full, I IRON THE SCRAPs..(I love to iron them!)and then put them in a tall plastic (on wheels) 5 drawer thing...2 colors per drawer at the moment. Working well!

Quiltsmiles said...

Lovely scraps! It's a huge undertaking and I always findd it amazing how much time and energy to re organize my craft space.
Looking great so far.

Quiltsmiles said...

I don't instagram either, could this comment count for the giveaway instead?

Marianne said...

Another non-IGer here. I'll pile on and ask if my comment can count. I love scraps and make scrappy quilts all the time. Your re-organizing has inspired me to maybe, haha, maybe paint my sewing room. My walls are a light yellow which doesn't work!

Beth said...

It is looking awesome! Dealing with scraps is hard work. I am cutting up my scraps into squares this week. All I have left is the white/neutral pile. Of course teen the whole thing starts over. LOL

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