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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An offer I could not refuse!

Something for nothing is not typical nor is it expected, especially when it is a random gift from someone you do not even know. Random gifts are so lovely!

This block made with Denyse Schmidt and Robert Kaufman Kona solids was made based on the gift I received last week and I will have a tutorial up later this week!

I went to a local thrift shop last week looking for shirts for a new project ( that will happen someday) and the shop was not opened yet.  They had vintage sewing machines sitting outside so I went to take a peek.  I have a "thing" for orphaned machines and cannot help but look.  There was an old Necchi, a Kenmore, A Singer Touch and Sew and a Brother that had all the attachments, case and manual.  A guy came out and said I could have them for FREE!!!! I really do not NEED another machine and my family may leave me if I dare to bring another one in the house so I asked if there were other sewing items.  He said yes, I whole bunch and I could have all of those for free too!  Then he asked me to wait a minute to go get a key.  He was not lying!  There was a warehouse full to the gills with sewing fabrics, books, magazines, and crochet stuff thrown in for good measure.  I looked through a couple elf the boxes and found something that made my heart skip a beat!

VINTAGE FABRICS!  These are the real deal vintage fabrics that have all the saturation of color and whimsical patterns that only vintage has to offer!

There were bags inside of bags of them!

The blocks that were found in the bags had appliquéd stems so I decided to make my own with simple curved piecing.

I love the acorn!

More lovely fabrics!

The red is so vibrant!

There is more that I have not even had the chance to go through and other hand stitched blocks I have found!  This sweet Dresden has given me an idea for another project! Aren't the colors divine!!!!

I did not leave the thrift shop without leaving a very large donation.  It is a great organization that supports the local community and they gave me WAY more than just some fabric!



magistra said...

I am really looking forward to your tutorial! I would love to make some leaves like that! If you could get really detailed with the "simple curved piecing" it would be much appreciated. I haven't done any curved piecing before. 😁

Crafty Coffin said...

Wow, a great score plus you may have rescued those blocks and fabric from the trash heap - instead you have given them new life - awesome!

Needled Mom said...

Wow!!!! That is so exciting.

memmens said...

You hit the jackpot there, how very wonderful, and how superb that they've gone to a good home, I'd love to know the story behind them!

MsMidge said...

Great find! And what a generous store owner! x

margaret said...

I would say it as birthdays and christmases all rolled into one with this wonderful find I am envious enjoy your stash and the tutorial I am looking forward to too.

O'Quilts said...

ooo wonderful post

Gene Black said...

WOW! I might have had to take a machine or two to go to good homes.

Lisa Lisa said...

This is such a great story, Kim!

Claudia/Ompompali said...

MMh ..... what a lucky girl you are - I would have loved to be there with you! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

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