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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Four things to hopefully make the 8 year old happy!

With everything that has been going on in the 8-yr old's room, he has been somewhat apprehensive about every single change that is being made.  This has been his only room.  He has grown up with this familiar.  The process has been unsettling and I did not see that coming at all.  Taking his feelings into consideration, the progress has been slow and involving him at every step.  I love my guy and want him to be happy.   

Here are a few of the things that will be coming into his "new" bigger kid room.  First is from my stamp collection.  I love stamps and think they are true works of art.  I grabbed some inexpensive Ikea frames ( they are the BEST) and showed him how cool some stamps on his wall would be! He smiled :o)

A typewriter!  I am convinced that every kid needs a typewriter to goof off and have some word fun old school style. There was no convincing needed!

I found this at the Salvation Army for a great night stand!  Not sure if I will paint it or just clean it up ( it needs a deep cleaning) and a seal coat. 

Would you paint it or clean and seal?

And these vintage Air Mail plane prints I found at the same shop.  If you are a frequent flyer ( see what I did there) on my blog, you may remember my in house engineer was a Navy pilot,  we met in the Navy where I was a Plane Captain working with A-4's at NAS Miramar across the hanger from THE Top Gun.  It was a forbidden love.  We both have a thing for planes.  Even if Adam did not give the thumbs up to these, they would be displayed somewhere else.

I only have the ceiling left to paint ( did all the trim yesterday) and then finally putting all the stuff back in his room.  This will make everyone in the house very happy since his room is taking up the upstairs hallway!

In my down time, I have been prepping more thrift shop shirts getting ready for another project! It is the perfect activity to do while watching Scandal!  I feel like I am getting something sewing related checked off my list.



evelyn said...

What a neat find. I have always refinished old furniture. Now, I look at this and think it would look great painted. How about "milk" paint? An old idea that is "new" again.

margaret said...

room is coming along well and like the new purchase, mixed feeling about what you should do, maybe wait and see what it looks like once the room is completed. The stamps have worked well maybe they will inspire him to become a collector.

Gene Black said...

Two thoughts on the night stand table.
1. I would clean it up first and see how the finish looks. (any major problems could require painting)
2. I would put it in the room and see if painting would make it "fit in" better.

For an 8 year old, if I painted it, I think I would do some fun decorative painting.

Doreen said...

My first thought was, given the age of the occupant, was to paint it (echo Gene) but to wait til it's given the "deep clean" (which it will need either way). Left with its antique look, it might be too much of a "stand out" in a newly painted, 'spiffed up', young person's room. Love the typewriter idea!!!!!! Hard to believe we used those at one time!!!

Lady Dragoness said...

I would clean and seal the old furniture piece. It is awesome untouched...

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