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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sewing by the seat of my pants!

I am not a very good planning sewer.  I am an excellent planner otherwise but I sew by the seat of my pants ( and no shoes).   I do know people that are AMAZING planning sewers and I envy their ability to see beyond.  Beyond is not where I can see.  I see now and when sewing I am there, in the moment. The projects that are shared here are in real time projects.  If there is a tutorial, it is happening as the sewing machine is whirling.  This is how it happens for me...angles singing and behold...the vision of a quilt...or how I will make whatever bag Sara has a new pattern for look like mine...or a doll diaper...and then it has to be done RIGHT NOW!  My head is a dangerous place. This project was the same, looking at the mess in the sewing room, tiding up and BAM! It had to be done! A few days later this is what it has become.

The log cabin blocks have grown tremendously over the weekend!  That design wall is 8ft tall! I wish the photos could have been better, we have been having rainy days and not great light.  What started out as an idea now has a vision and purpose!  This is the exciting part for me!  When things come together and it looks even better than what you had imagined.  Utter JOY!  I love all of the different colors and how they work together!  All of the pieces for this quilt are shirts from the Goodwill blue bins ( with the exception of one piece of fabric that I just happened to like the color).  This is mostly 100% cotton since it is so much easier to work with during cutting and sewing.  There is some linen but not much.

While I was filling a bobbin, this spool ran out!  GASP!  It was an emergency moment since the hands down best piecing thread is 2600.  I keep giving away my spools to friends (and sometimes strangers) to share the LOVE of 2600 so this was my last one.  This spool has last well over a year.  It was used almost continueslyfor the full year unless I needed a 40wt or black thread.

In a panic, I looked through all the threads I have ( there are quite a few) and found this one!  It is a wonderful new discovery and very close to the 2600 but just a tad darker, not too much but perfect for piecing!  I was overjoyed for sure.

Not sure if anyone wants or needs a tutorial for how to make this but if you want, I can whip up a tutorial as soon as I have completed this quilt :o)  I was taking notes while sewing, I guess that is the start of a plan.  Maybe I can change my ways.


Jackie said...

I love what you've done, the colours are great. I have my Dads shirts since he passed away and have been trying to decide what pattern I could do, I'd love a tutorial on this.

Molli Sparkles said...

I'm always just a white 2024 type of gal, but Dove... that sounds like something I could slip into to get a little bit more comfortable.

margaret said...

quilts from old shirts are the "in thing" it seems at the moment. Our MQG is planning to do some. The shirt fabrics work very well as log cabin blocks.
Re the thread, I tend to use a cream on light fabrics and a dark grey on darks

debbymom said...

LOVE the scrappy look: controlled chaos. It looks like a comfy quilt and knowing that its made of shirting, makes it even more inviting to sit and stay awhile. It's beautiful.

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