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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SHOUT OUT to Kala Brand Music!

My number two son is on his second deployment.  Sometime in the past year he decided to start playing a Ukulele.  It is pretty cool to be able to play any instrument and have always enjoyed when the kids have an interest in learning.  When Michael left for deployment he decided to order an Ukelele to practice and found that other people were enjoying his playing.  He wrote to Kala Brand Music Co.  to let them know how much JOY was being created by their instrument.

To Michael's surprise, this FABULOUSLY supportive company sent TWO instruments for Michael to teach some others how to play!  

I hope you will join me in saying THANK YOU to this generous company for supporting my son and his friends while they are so far away from home!

You can find Kala Brand Music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Soundcloud,  their website

THANK YOU so much for your support Kala!!!!  My son and I are very grateful!



scottylover said...

That is AWESOME!

Thank you to your son, too, for his service.

Sandy A

Linda said...

Thanks so much Kala Brand Music!

Music is always good for the soul!

Unknown said...

Musical instruments are the best gifts for people far from their home. Music always is the loyal friends in the hard life.

Helen @certificate tefl

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