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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Let's Go to a Quilt Show!

I missed Quiltcon a week ago and decided that visiting a local quilt show would be a fun idea.  I asked the Boomerang Boy if he would like to attend with me to see some of what my passion is all about.  He happens to be one of those amazing people that LOVES life and is up for just about any new experience, even the kind that involve absolutely nothing he has any interest in whatsoever...this is our little adventure to the Mid-Atlantic Quiltfest...

After the initial shock of how many people there were attending on a Friday morning, meaning parking was not the best but not the worst either, we made our way into the convention center.  There were loads of vendors from all over the U.S. and Canada with offering everything you could want for sewing and quilting!  Our first stop was to check out the new Bernina Q24.  I had a go and it is so smooth!  Michael had never seen or tried a long arm so I suggested ( read told him) that he give it a try.  He was pretty impressed with how easy it is to move and how perfect the stitches were.  

We then starting looking at all the fantastic quilts.  What I did not realize until later was that Michael was Snapchatting this whole event!  I have not gone down the Snap Chat hole and am not sure I have time to even try at this point but apparently it is a huge deal. I may have to check into it later :o) 

The quilt section was a variety of beautiful quilts, mostly from the local Virginia quilt guilds.  There is an incredible amount of talent in the VA guilds!  

The Festival will be open for the rest of today and through tomorrow!  I can recommend this show as a do see!  I will be going back next year to see more amazing quilts, hopefully I will be lucky enough to have another adventure with my guy :o)



Gene Black said...

I am going along looking at quilts and there is one where the quilting impresses me. I looked at the tag and laughed....Of course, it is Vicki Welsh's quilt "Lura's Choice"
There are some photos of some amazing quilts on this post.

GO STARS! said...

What fun to go with your son! And some beautiful quilts. Two of my three sons have gone to quilt shows with me when they were younger. It was interesting to see what they were drawn to. I need to have them go with me again and see if it's changed.

margaret said...

such a great variety of quilts you have shared today, a wonderful collection full of inspiration, wonder were you tempted with the Bernina?

robynsews said...

I attended this quilt show many years ago and it was so much fun. I somehow forgot about it this year. The quilts are so lovely. They always leave me in awe. So much fun to share with your son. He seemed to enjoy it. I definitely need to plan to go next year. Maybe we can meet up there?

suemac said...

I love the Grand Illusion Quilt. Sweet.

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