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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Splendid Sampler Block 3

The Splendid Sampler Block 3 is by the very talented Melissa Corry from Happy Quilting.  Lots of Love block is very sweet block with a touching background story.  Melissa even has some fantastic helpful tips for piecing this block on her blog!

It is amazing how the background stories for creating can really stir up feelings that you have put away. That is what happened with me for this block. For me this block was difficult.  Not because of the piecing.  Not because of my machine not behaving.  It was more personal.

Melissa's block includes her five children.  That was a stumping point for me.  Had it been four little hearts, I was good as gold...but the five hit me hard.

When the in house engineer and I got married, we talked about how many children we wanted ( we already had one on the way).  He was pretty set on ONE...LOL!  I was pretty set on SIX! Somewhere along the way after the first came the second, then surprisingly ( as it happens so many times) a third...THE GIRL!  When I was 39, I was pretty content with the thought of being finished. Three was a good compromise between one and six :o)  I had three beautiful and healthy children and that was all I needed!  Then another surprise happened...I was pregnant!  Yikes!  I could have been knocked over by a feather or a light breeze.  I was not supposed to be having another baby at 40!

It took a while to get used to the idea of a new baby.  By this time I had NOTHING (again) for a wee one to be in the house, Katy was 6, the boys teenagers. But my heart was filled with love for this little unexpected bundle. I instantly became attached to this new addition.

I was feeling like crap and all of the rest of the joyous stuff that happens when you are first pregnant. Then it happened...I started not to feel sick...not hot...not like lead had been put into my veins...something was wrong.  I hoped I was wrong, that this was somehow going to be just a miracle pregnancy that I have heard about where you feel good all of the time and you do not look like a pumpkin ( I look like a pumpkin when I am pregnant).  I never made it to my first trimester appointment.  I was heartbroken.

My block has an angel heart.  A little heart that is in my heart. It is white and surrounded by the other fabrics of me and my other babies.

I did end up having one more baby when I was 40, he is happy and healthy and beautiful!  I am blessed.

I hope you will join me and the other designers in this wonderful adventure of storytelling and quilt making.  It is everything a Quilting Bee is meant to be...and MORE <3



Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It's a beautiful thing when we can sew our pain and joy into our work.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Kim, I love quilt stories but sorry to read the story behind your heart block. I wish all your hearts were filled with happy colours. White heart is a lovely way to remember your angel. x Teje

Melissa Corry said...

Thank you so much Kim for sharing your story behind your block. I am so touched with your block and the journey it took you on. One day, you will wrap that sweet little angel in love as well ;)

suemac said...

I too would have to put a white heart for our granddaughter who passed away from SIDS at two months. We have four other healthy happy grandchildren.

margaret said...

so sad to lose a baby and unless one has experienced it we cannot know how devestating it is. Good to read you went on to have your 4th baby. Quilt block looks great Such a tribute to your lost baby with a white heart love the other fabrics you have used, did mine all plain think I will now do another one

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