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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday {ME}

Where to begin?  With Work In Progress projects it is never at the beginning.  They had a beginning and then possibly a middle but then somewhere most of them trailed off into the black hole of being unfinished aka a UFO.  Not that the original intent was ever not to finish, it just happens. Then they are like bunnies!  They multiply at a rapid rate and take over all of the nooks and crannies of the space that used to be your space!  A space of enjoyment and tranquility.  Okay, tranquility may be a bit of a stretch especially in a mass of unfulfilled creative ideas and projects half or almost done.  It is enough to drive a girl CRAZY!

This is me and I need a plan...a good plan...a really really good plan!  Not that I do not already plan.  I have plans all over the place!  I have a daily/weekly/monthly planner ( and it is really pretty), I have a project planner, I have many many planners half filled with ideas and drawings of awesome projects that have never seen the light of day other than being put on a page.  The problem with this plan is that I also tend to misplace all of my great ideas!  I write them down when I have them on whatever is closest to me and then put that notebook down somewhere else.  Not very productive at all!

When Michael moved home, I went through the sewing room ( that is now filled with more stuff from the upstairs sewing room) and discovered a pile of notebooks.  It is really embarrassing how many I found with ideas and lists...drawings and blog thoughts...everything that has been IN my head for years.  

Now I have a massive stack of ideas, a blog that needs care, a life that needs order and people that still want to be fed,  so the executive decision was made to create a planner that will work to meet all of these areas that have been less than properly attended.  There are possibly 10 BILLION planners out there but so far none have exactly what will work for the many things I need at the moment.  My personal day planner is nice and has been helping me remember little things but falls short on space.  I have another place where I have been jotting down lists for the market and meal planning.  With a house that now includes a teenager that plays tennis, a growing almost nine year old boy and a 25yr old that weighs 210 and can deadlift a zillion pounds, meal planning is the only way I can even try to keep up with the food demands. It is a a constant battle that can only be won with a good system! 

There has been much thought put into my needs this week and what would be needed to make an organizational system to cover and support the different areas of my life, that I can take with me without too much weight, and mostly will help create a way to make things happen without stress for limited space or a planner that weighs 50 pounds and will not fit into my bag.   What is shown below is only about a third of what was unearthed! YIKES! 

Last week Costco had Moleskin Cahier Journals 6 for $20.  I picked up a pack { I will be going back for one more}.  This pack gave me what I am hoping is a good idea. You never know until you try, right?  I am going to use one or possibly two journals at a time and create the four topics of my life:

1. Personal: 
appointments, birthdays, school events, sports, travel, holidays and personal finance

2. Feed The People:
meal ideas, grocery list, meal planning on the go

3. Creative Life:
all the ideas and drawings that come to me whenever to put in one spot!  

4. Blog:
blog ideas, blog budget, blog schedule 

From Tuesday Morning I also found a date stamp and cards that were reasonably priced.  The idea that I can date stamp my own days for some reason is very appealing to me.  It reminds me of the old library stamps that I LOVED as a kid and teen.  This is when the idea become more of a "fun" idea and became less of a "chore" idea. For  I will be using many of the fun colorful and free printable planning ideas from my Organized Life Pinterest Board.  There are so many GREAT ideas for creative planning and I am looking to innovate not invent! I will share more direct links when I find something that really has been woking for me and maybe it will work for you too!  Please feel free to share your favorites that you have found useful since I am always looking for GREAT ideas!

This week my WIP is actually ME!  I am a Work In Progress...a UFO looking for a way to become a more creative, more thoughtful, more fulfilled person with a very good PLAN!  



Debbie said...

I so appreciate this post and have compassion for the dilema you are in. Life is FULL!! Love seeing your stack of inspiration though and the fact that you have a 'pretty' planner. Oh if only that made a difference right?! ;-/ GOOD LUCK as you try to tame things!

Big Rig John said...
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Jennie said...

Good luck! Have you come across bullet journalling? It sounds like you're already headed in that direction! It's what I use for everything all in one place!

Jennie said...

Good luck! Have you come across bullet journalling? It sounds like you're already headed in that direction! It's what I use for everything all in one place!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with it! i have millions of notebooks too (most of which I'm afraid to write in in case I make a mistake and would RUIN it FOREVER!) The gridded whiteboard is working quite well though, and the spreadsheet of meals on the fridge isn't pretty, but that's worked for me for years, not least in amusing my visitors ;o)

Unknown said...

I have planner envy! I keep losing mine so stopped making pretty ones. Time to get back to that I think.

Lisa C said...

I know your post is about organization but I had to laugh when you mentioned meal planning. We our son (6'3") moved out (we only have one child) my husband and I went from having full homemade meals every night to about every other night or every third night. We always had leftovers for our lunches and pre-made salads from the grocery store were easy and economical to fill in the gaps. Welllll, my son brought home two of his roommates a few weeks ago. I sat down, planned my meals, went to the grocery store (spent a fortune) and began cooking. In a very short time I'd forgotten how much young men eat! Within two days I was back at the grocery store and there were no leftovers at any meal! I didn't complain because meal times at our home were always family meals. No devices just talk and food. I miss those days!

margaret said...

such plans do hope they work well for you. Afraid |I do not have organisation but that is okay as I am elderly and live on my own so just do things when I feel like it! Today I think I must have a tidy in the little bedroom where stitching supplies are stored and try and make drawer space for 8 metres of fabric I could not resist that I am hoping will arrive today, first though it must be washed. I do not have a problem with many UFOs just flimsies as my quilting skills are not very good, last count there were 14 and will finish another 24" flimsy today

Diana said...

I no longer despair at my stack of loose blocks or my tubs quilt tops or unedited manuscripts or unfinished novels or half knitted sweaters or folders of untested recipes. I'm a contented Sagittarian. But those moleskin journals sound wonderful, I feel a new project coming on!

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