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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday {Sewing Room Disaster}

Ah, those beautiful sewing spaces...the ones with everything perfectly folded and stored...lighting that looks like it came from Heaven above... not a pin out of place or a work in progress to be found...

That is NOT my sewing room!  THIS IS!  I have a sewing room disaster!

I did have things somewhat organized before the boomerang boy returned home.  I had extra storage in the upstairs closet.  He started taking stuff out and moving it into my sewing room and now I cannot see the floor AGAIN!  I have book and fabrics, projects and sewing accessories, and just general STUFF all of the Sewing room! I cannot breathe!

I also have this wonderful project to finish, hopefully to share on Friday :o) It is cut out and ready to sew!

And my hands gave out when machine binding this recycled wool beauty but I WILL have it completed this week sometime!  

My list is full but for now I am off with the BB to IKEA to buy another Billy shelf to be able to get my sewing stuff where I can see it and at least feel more productive! 

Have a great Wednesday!



lalaluu said...

Good to know that my reality is not the only one that does not mirror my Pintrest board of organized spaces! ;) Let us know how that extra shelf works out!

Miss Alissa said...

My sewing space really has the same tendencies. However, it is usually just my doing ;) I am getting ready to dive into my first double wedding ring quilt.

Lisa C said...

Please understand that those of us who have neatly organized sewing spaces (unfortunately without the light from heaven!) waste precious time cleaning instead of sewing! I just "need" a fairly organized space and that cuts into sewing time. But it's who I am so I roll with it.

margaret said...

wedding ring quilt looks lovely, re untidy rooms I think most of us have those, I seem to have my stitchy things spread all over the house though not just one room, just as well I live on my own!Would love to downsize but where would everything go

Mary said...

I hope you'll share your purchase from Ikea and how you used it. I have so much quilting stuff that I spend too much time looking for things so I'm trying to weed out and then will purchase a couple shelves or cabinets for containment. Thanks for sharing your true sewing space as it is right now.

bookworm said...

If only my sewing room were a little messy. I've let it get a wreck! I do try to organize and destash. It's always a WIP! May the organizing fairy come help you or do it while you're shopping! 😘

CurlyGirlMom said...

THANK YOU!! Now I feel a little more "normal". My sewing/craft room and office is always a mess. NOT because I like it that way, but because it's used all the time and in a small place, that equates to a messy room! :) Thanks for keepin' it real!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your sewing room...your wedding ring quilt will be a beautiful finish!

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