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Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Color using Play Crafts Free Palette Builder!

Walking around the neighborhood, Spring is really everywhere and with the warmer temperatures comes amazing color inspiration!  Bringing those one of a kind colors into your quilts has been made so much easier using the cool Palette Builder tool by Play Crafts!

These photos taken on my iPhone this avert noon were easily uploaded into the Palette Builder to find the coordinating Moda Bella Solids that most closely match. This user friendly tool also lets you move the pre chosen selector dots for you to create a more customized result.

I am going to have a very difficult time pulling myself away from this really amazing tool!  Play Crafts also has other FREE TOOLS available for you to help boost your creativity! Go visit, play around and be inspired with COLOR!

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margaret said...

amazed that there are so many shades in the flowers this seems a pretty clever tool to have

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