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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thrift Shop Finds

I started thrifting when my oldest sons were babies. The oldest is going to be 28 on St. Patrick's Day and the next one will be 25 in April. So it has been a few years.  We lived in Sunnyvale, CA in a tiny apartment and this was a way to pass the time when we had one car ( so I could walk with a stroller), no money and I was usually on my own since we were military living in areas with no family.  I loved the hunt and finding treasures.  It has been a part of my life even since.

We still need to be mindful of money ( retirement is around the corner) and I do still like to pass time in especially small thrift shops where real treasures can still be found for not insane prices.  This week I visited two very small local shops and was completely overwhelmed at my good fortune!

Patterns! Vintage...beautiful...FABULOUS...PATTERNS!  I never find vintage patterns that are like these!  I visited the shop yesterday as they were closing and noticed them.  There were hundreds of patterns in boxes.  I did not have time to go through them but the lady said, "We open at 10am tomorrow."  I was there at 0959 ;O)   I brought my own bag just in case it was needed ( it was).  I stood on my tip toes looking through the top bins and sat on the floor looking through the rest.  After a solid hour of sorting through all of the bins I ended up with 60 patterns!   They are not all my perfect size but I think I can learn how to adjust for .25 a piece!

There were patterns from the 50's 60's and 70's.  They had a ton from the 80's but I am not a shoulder pad girl :o)

My favorites are the ones found from ( I am assuming ) independent pattern companies.  These were mailed to individuals and still in the envelopes.  The postmarks are pretty cool!   I will be looking up the information about these pattern companies later for sure.

This is the insert from the one on the left.  Priceless!

Do you go thrifting for necessity or fun ( or both like me)?  I will be sharing more of my thrift shop finds next Saturday.


Loganstitches said...

Congratulations on your excellent haul. I'm definitely a both reasons thrifter myself and love taking the kids. A matchbox car or beanie baby can make their week and the hunt distracts my eldest long enough for me to check out my favorite sections. This week I scored vintage sheets. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your finds.

CaroleM said...

I love thrift shop browsing. I've also found a lot of neat fabrics in thrift shops. Nice finds!

margaret said...

you are going to have such fun deciding which to use and make, I used to make all my clothes but not anymore, still wearing things from the 80s and 90s but have kept a coplue of patterns most went in the bin unless they had not been used and they found their way to charity shops too

Judy H said...

Growing up, my daughters (now 25 and 22) would rather go to the thrift store than the mall. what is funny is most of the major pattern companies are re-releasing "vintage" patterns like this. Of course now they are $15-20!

Elsa said...

What a find! WE have a shop here in Portland that has vintage finds ~ I go there every now and then. My son and dil are really into thrifting and sometimes I'm just amazed at what they find and the prices they get!

Nita said...

Awesome! Ive found some great vintage patterns in our thrift store, but mostly from the 70s. I love thrift store shopping!

artsycraftsyivy said...

Love your finds! I am looking for an old tea tin, but not having much luck. May have to check ebay. One of my girls loves to buy her clothes at thrift shops, so I do that, too. I used to buy most of my clothes during my college years (and beyond) in the thrift shops of NYC. I'd rather spend money on sewing stuff than clothes, so there you have it :)

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