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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tom's Inspired Baby Shoes {free pattern link in post}

These Tom inspired baby shoes with a free pattern and tutorial by Leisha from Homemade Toast are just adorable! Since we did not know the new grand baby's gender ( I do now but am not sure I can reveal it yet...I will as soon as I get the thumbs up from my kids), I chose to make them in a teal Moda Mochi Linen that can be found at Fat Quarter Shop and the fabulous Alexander Henry sugar skulls!

This is the first pair so there is definite room for improvement!

The pattern comes in two sizes, baby and toddler.  The baby pattern is a free pdf and the toddler pattern is available for purchase.  The tutorial is written for both sizes.  I strongly recommend reading through the entire tutorial before starting the shoes.  With both tutorials together, it can be somewhat confusing at times but once you do it, it will make complete sense.  This is a confident beginner pattern that is fun to do and from start to finish it only takes a couple of hours :o)

I constructed the shoes with Aurifil 50wt color #4093.  When I make the next pair(s), I will be using a 40wt and 28wt for the topstitching for more wow factor!  I may also have to purchase some of the darling tags that Leisha offers to make mine more personal.  Maybe they should say Go-Go?

I cannot wait to reveal with the next pair...


Julie Cefalu said...

Those tiny shoes are just adorable. I've got a 7-month grand daughter who definitely needs a pair of these. Thanks for sharing!

margaret said...

how cute are these and they look so soft for little baby feet shame my granddaughter is 18 next month

Kat said...

These are too cute! The sugar skulls fabric is perfect.

Jenny said...

So cute! There were not any patterns like this when my kids were tiny - many years ago. It must be so nice to make such lovely little things for the rand-babies.

Anna Schafer said...

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