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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIP Wednesday

It has gone from the season of snow to the season of blow here in VA!  Overnight all of the trees bloomed and grasses are coming out from hiding to bring forth POLLEN!  The people of the house are allergic to every pollen known to be in the commonwealth ( don't say state here...you will be corrected...lol) so we have gone down the path of allergy shots.  I am amazed at how fabulous they work but am not overly impressed with the time that we have to spend in the office.

Ready to sit for three hours, I packed up some little paper pieced hexes to start for a new WIP ( because I would not really be a quilter if I did not start new projects on a whim).

What is in the ( tiny) basket shown took me about two hours! I am not a fast hand stitcher.  Normally I will do anything to not hand sew but when sitting with nothing else to do, it seemed like a good idea.  It took me at least an hour to thread the needle ( I need to find my threader) and then I did have a little help from precious hands!

I made the time at the appointment a no screen time and asked the kids to bring other stuff to keep occupied.  Katy worked on her AP Psychology paper and Adam brought a Calvin and Hobbes book, a colorful game and something to draw on and with but he kept watching me with the paper piecing.  I asked him if he wanted to try and he said (in his most "I am an almost nine year old and do not care either way" voice) "Sure."

I showed him how and he was a natural.

That beautiful striped one is his!  He asked if he could do more the next time we have an appointment.  The answer was a huge YES!

All of the fabrics used were from a bag that were given to me from a local thrift shop.  I happened to ask about a sewing machine and they asked me if I sew.  When I told them I did they offered me a huge amount of stuff for nothing.  There were hand stitched blocks and so many vintage fabrics.  They are really very beautiful!

I cannot say this is the most fun Spring Break for the kids but we have spent some nice time together. Do you have projects you bring along to appointments or when you know you will be stuck somewhere for an extended amount of time?



Anonymous said...

I appreciate two things here 1) the down time from electronic devices, and 2) encouraging your littler guy to do some stitching.
oh wait...I appreciate you too

margaret said...

how good your son is interested in stitching and also that the children are happy to de away from tv, computers etc and be creative hexies I find a good way to relax though from what you write you are not that keen on had stitching

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! Sorry to hear that you have allergies. Spring is then hard time. I used to be like you, didn't sew even the hem on a skirt by hand, tried to sew the buttons with machine when possible. But quilting changed me. Now I enjoy hand quilting, hexagons and I made even some hand piecing with my 'Puppy Portraits' quilt. It wasn't so bad but for sure piecing with machine is better for me. Happy sewings! x Teje

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