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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

9 Awesome Vintage Thread Spool Projects

Being a sewing enthusiast, I love everything sewing related.  I frequent thrift shops, antique shops and sometimes estate sales frequently there are sewing items.  It is usually patterns or sewing machines but there has been the occasional vintage wooden spool of thread.  When these special treasures are found, I happily purchase them and place them in jars on the shelves along side the beautiful fabric in my sewing room. My happy place! I have often wondered what else I could do to display or play with these little beauties besides just letting them sit in jars.  I wanted to share with you some of the most fun projects I found.  

Prepare to be INSPIRED! 

These adorable spool necklaces were made by My Salvaged Treasures

A fun wish list ornament with  free tutorial by Honey Bear Lane 

Beautiful wooden spools made more lovely with ink stamps by Blue Purple and Scarlett

Sweet pincushion complete with handmade pins by Stitches & Crosses Marijke
Site is in Dutch but there is a translate button so you can enjoy all of their posts!

Colorful birds could be used for so many things! 
These birds are the creation of  Alanna George on Flickr

Red cross-stitch makes these spools so very special. 
image found on Pinterest and links to Ashita but not to an original post 

You can make a darling bracelet using your wooden spools with this free video tutorial 

This simple and elegant inspiration to display your photos is from Esty shop Raemj

Thread spool carvings never cease to amaze me!  Facebook is a great place to see the fantastic work of the very talented Jim Staudacher.  He does not sell them, he makes them because he loves them! He is a true artist!

After seeing some of these awesome inspirations, I am sure you will want to start looking for spools in your area!



Judy s said...

I love some of your ideas, will definitely ately try the necklace, and a cheats version of the cross stitch

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