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Friday, May 27, 2016

Enchanting Simplicity Skirt

Trying to learn something new has always been a way of life for me.  There are some projects that I am naturally drawn to, then there are others that take longer for me to get started.  Those that are put on a shelf are not forgotten, just in the processing mode.  When I do return to them, I will be consumed with understanding everything about them.  My brain never stops and research is my best friend!

Garment sewing is something I have been fascinated with since I was a child.  I loved all of the stunning clothing featured in old movies!  The elegant dresses, perfect cigarette pants ( I want some so much) and even the perfectly constructed everyday wear.  Edith Head is my idol!  If I could make anything that looked 1/100th as gorgeous as she did I would feel amazing!

When I was little, my grandmother sewed clothing. She had an old mechanical Singer that was black and it stayed in the living room in it's table.  When she wanted to make a new outfit, she would sometimes take me to the local fabric store with her.  I was completely content looking through the big books of Simplicity,  McCalls and Vogue patterns dreaming of all the clothing I could make! The notions wall was a place of delight with all of the rainbow of colors and little bits and pieces of useful hardware.  None of it made sense to me at the time but I was enchanted.

The month of May on Instagram has been #memeademay. A full month of thousands of lovely people sharing photos of clothing THEY made!  Seeing all of the garments that people have been sewing has been helpful to me.  It is like looking through the big books at the local fabric shop and being able to see how the patterns fit real people.  May has been my time to learn more about what I have wanted to learn for years!

For this skirt , I used a Simplicity pattern.  The fabric is an Alexander Henry print I have had in my stash for years and love to bits! I do not normally wear yellow but this one is an exception!

I modified the skirt to have pleats instead of having the gathered waistband. There is one in the front and two on the back.  I measured the fabric, quick pressed a center to each piece and figured out what size pleat was needed to make the pattern still fit.  I am really very happy with the result!  I also used the Colette technique for putting in a waistband with a zipper.  It always looks so finished!

Learning the tips and tricks of any craft is helpful.  When I was making the Colette Sorbetto blouse a couple of weeks ago I needed a better way to mark darts.  I turned to my online educator You Tube and found this very helpful video from Mallory and her Mom!

The best part is that this tip pretty much works for all marking!  It makes pocket hole marking a breeze!  Many of my Instagram friends told me they have been using this trick for years!

The excitement of learning something new is exhilarating!  I have learned enough to hopefully take the next step into more advanced garment construction.  Today I will be looking for new patterns to try and new techniques to master.  I am thinking of a classic shirt dress Carolina Herrera style ( a girl can dream, can't she)!

What are some of your favorite patterns that you can recommend?

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Unknown said...

Looks fantastic!! may have to give this pattern a try :D

Unknown said...

Love the skirt! May I ask which Simplicity pattern you used?

Heide said...

the skirt looks beautiful. LOVE the fabric.

Unknown said...

I love the Alexander Henry print. I have a small scrap left in my stash but my sewing machine cover is made of it.

Unknown said...

I love the Alexander Henry print. I have a small scrap left in my stash but my sewing machine cover is made of it.

sisylyn2 said...

I haven't started yet but hope to soon.

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