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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sewing Friends are the Best!

The sewing and quilting community has the most incredible group of loving, caring and giving people!  If you ever need anything, you can bet your sewing friends will be right there with you either online or in person with a shoulder to cry on, some chocolate and possibly a quilt.  Have a problem, call one of your sewing friends or, better yet, have them over for a sewing playdate! You will be able to solve your problems and whip up a new skirt or tote all at the same time :o)

I love my friends that sew!  



Elizabeth said...

I love my sewing friends! I don't have many in real life, but I'm thankful for the online sewing community!

Elizabeth said...
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margaret said...

I would feel so lonely without my on line sewing friends so inspiring and lovely to know you are all out there as no local friends where I live so you are extra special

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