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Saturday, June 4, 2016

How Big Is Your Fabric Stash?

Do you ever get asked the BIG question?  Not "Will you marry me?" or "How many kids are you going have?"  or the never ending mind numbing "What's for dinner?" but the really important one...

"How much fabric do you OWN?"  or "How big is your fabric stash?"  

Here is my answer!

The reality is that I have no clue where to even figure out how much fabric is contained in the walls of my home.  There is a lot on the shelves, in bins and drawers.  There is some on the walls and some on the floor in the foyer ( my cooler weather cutting spot ( I still have not moved it from Winter that ended a week ago).  I have it just about everywhere and I love it all!

I will keep adding to my stash as long as the fantastic designers keep designing and the wonderful fabric companies keep the glorious cotton goodness in shops where I can find it!

I have no shame and an amazing fabric stash ;o)



Sharon Tucker said...

Right now my stash is relatively small...I started quilting about 18 months ago and I had nothing when I started. After falling in love with quilting I signed up for a 'Build your stash' monthly shipment of fat quarters and that's probably the biggest component of my stash. I visit Hobby Lobby when I can and usually pick up a couple of yards of whatever they have on clearance.

Of course I'm always trolling online in search of fabulous sales from FQS, MSQC and 5bucksayard.

Stash on!

Doreen said...

Ummmmmm, wellllllll........I don't think I could count that high!!! And I just succumbed to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. "Deal of the Day"!!!! Sigh..................

margaret said...

my stash is growing mind you even if I do not add to it I am sure it will not all get used as I will be 70 next year Heaven help my girls sorting all my things as I lots of evenweave fabrics for embroidery, threads and far too many books so never short of something to stitch

Cool Lizzie said...

Thank you for this!!! I have been collecting fabric since I was a teen-ager (and I'm now 61!!), and the new fabric lines are constantly thrilling! I get that remark ALL.THE.TIME. I like your reply and am going to memorize it so maybe I can stop feeling defensive. I LOVE all my fabric, too, and adore going into my sewing room and finding the perfect combination of fabrics. I also adore receiving my fabric packages in the mail - thrillllling!!!

So- yeah -this is perfect timing!!

O'Quilts said...

Fabric is love...end of story. I have it everywhere...the nanny for my grandchildren says that if she finds it in the kitchen cupboards...she will quit...that is the only thing that stops me adding it there...When I die, I hope my family and friends say how much I enjoyed it all..xxoo

tisha @ quiltytherapy said...

My fabric stash is as big as my house will allow. Fabric is part of my creative outlet. There can't be too much, but there can be too little.

Katie said...

my usual reply to people commenting on my abundance of fabric is -- it isn't hurting you and my bills are paid. I do have a large selection of fabrics but I love them all.

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