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Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Quilt Beauties

Today was an unexpectedly non productive day.  The plans I had made to sew were dashed by a sick teen and a sick car.  Thankfully the sick teen is now on meds to make her better and the sick car is at the shop receiving a new timing belt.

So, add some sunshine into the day, while I was near downtown Fredericksburg,  I took photos of two of my most favorite vintage quilts that I own.

Vintage quilts are incredible!  The fabrics are fun, they are usually very bright colors and the hand stitching is amazing.

This double wedding ring is completely hand stitched.  There is no label to give any of the history for this well loved quilt.  I adore the colors and even the wonkiness that has come from years of use.

The pops of the reds, greens and vibrant blues are stunning!  The fabric placement and colors have such a modern feel!

And check out this beauty! The scalloped edges in purple make me swoon!  You can see the batting deterioration clearly in the photo.  Despite the wear this quilt still maintains its vibrant colors and sassiness!

I had considered ripping out the stitches for the binding and restitching them.  The quilt is hand stitched but the binding was machine sewn.  It is not a beautiful binding, done in a white thread that is almost offensive against the gorgeous purple.  It is still under consideration.

This quilt also had no label.  No way to tell who made it, where it is from or who received it.

I hope your Friday is filled with beauty, non sick people, non broken cars and maybe a few vintage quilts!

Oh, and ALWAYS put a label on your quilt!



margaret said...

2 beautiful quilts amazed how the colour has lasted, impressed with the scallop edge do have the template to do scallops but like most of my templates have not used it. So admire double wedding ring quilts but not on my list to do
Trust both teen and car are now back to full health

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Perfect examples as to why we should label our quilts. Love that purple scallop too :)

O'Quilts said...

What a nice way to start the morning..beloved vintage quilts.

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