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Friday, August 26, 2016

Gone With The Wind ( a quilt photo shoot with kids)

It is the end of another week!  I caught myself looking around for something that I had lost and it turns out that it was this past week I was looking for everywhere!

The whirlwind of activities in sewing has really kept me occupied! I LOVE it!

I also still have the usual mom obligations in addition to my sewing life, so I try to organize everything so that I can (hopefully) get more done in less time.  Does it always work?  No, but I try my best!

Yesterday was one of those days.

All of my photos are 100% mine.  I scout, stage, create, edit and post for me. I have very little equipment, no Photoshop and usually no assistants.

The photos here are what my photo shoots really look like.  The story below is how it happened.

The kids had just finished with their allergy shots, were on steroids, tired and cranky.  We drove 20 minutes to find a spot ( this is 40 minutes away from our house).  The two places I thought were good had fences around them and climbing fences with flip flops is a non starter for me.

We ended up illegally parking, trespassing, were blessed with bad lighting, the winds were high, people driving by were slowing down and staring ( the teen hates that part), the younger one wanted to be left alone in the car with the car running ( ummmmmm...NO), and then the teen realized there were people in the building...YIKES!

To top it all off, I took ONE photo with my real camera and then it died!  I recharged the battery just last weekend.  Thank goodness my phone with the cracked screen was fully charged!

This is typical of all of my photo shoots, lol!  I was able to get some really lovely photos and honestly, I have always liked that my photos have a real feel to them.  A part of me and my crazy life in every shot.  Imperfections are really amazing in my eyes.

I love capturing the little moments of nature showing us who is boss. Of my kids who are growing up so fast.  Of shadows and light dancing.  I love capturing all of these things.

When we could not get a photo of this wonderful vintage quilt in the first location, we ended up finding a beautiful painted black wall that is the side of a local pub.

This is the best shot I could get and it really shows off the lovely quilt that I found on evil bay for a very great price!  This beauty is completely hand pieced.

Check out these fun fabrics!  I love vintage quilts for the interesting fabrics used.

I am very fortunate to have kids that, for the most part, put up with our crazy life of sewing and blogging.  They are supportive of my efforts by helping me, even if they do not feel like it sometimes, they give me high fives, they help me decide what fabrics to use ( even the youngest knows the differences in Liberty of London and Heather Ross), they help me fold fabrics when I have too many project and no more space but most importantly they just love me for me.

So despite the series of unfortunate events, we did get some cool vintage quilt photos thanks to my wonderful kids and my trusty busted phone!



Debbie said...

Alot of our photoshoots are like that. Perseverance, I say! ;-) Yay for the kids supporting you even tho it's embarrassing sometimes! ;-)

Steve said...

Kim, you should get pvc pipe and mount some clips on it. Use that to hold the quilt open and straigt. Make the pipe sections variable length for easy storage and you can add or remove sections as needed. Add a piece of pipe in the middle to hold it up and you have a straigh quilt for photographing. PVC is cheap and so are the connection pieces. Go to a office supply store for the clips.

lalaluu said...

I love the realness of your blog posts, so the real photos just complement it. We all want the best, detailed, perfect lighting pics of our quilts, but honestly, there's too much sewing to do to put too much thought into it, not to mention everything else going on! I really love the pic with the quilt blowing in the wind as your daughter holds onto it and it's streaming out from her. One of those pictures that you'll cherish and that shows off the quilt, even if you don't see it perfectly. Also "evil bay"? Snort! Perfect.

Marlene said...

I did laugh reading your account of the photo shoot-I can just imagine the kids comments. Love the photo of your daughter with the quilt blowing in the wind. Great quilt.

quilty stitches said...

Love,,,,the quilt, the photo shoot, life. Thanx for sharing.

rosemaryschild said...

Isn't wonderful when life gets in the way? Your kids are great!

Patti said...

What a great post. You had me at the title of Gone Wind the Wind. Little did I think it would be what it was, but I enjoyed reading it very much.

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