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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Quilter's Planner

At the beginning of the 2016, I was ready to create something new in my life.  Order!  I had the best of intentions to have everything all mapped out in pretty moleskin notebooks with pretty stamps and colorful pens. It was pretty so it HAD to work...right?

What then happened after I was fully prepped with paper and glitter is what always happens...LIFE! It takes a lot of time to keep up with all of the notebooks and drawings with a family, a blog, sewing deadlines and being the only person to do all of the tasks!

I have finally learned that, for me, simplicity is the key to planning.  I do need to know what is happening and when.  I am the everything in this house and for my blog.  To have it all in one place that is manageable at a glance is key!

I came across The Quilter's Planner  and realized it has all of the features I need to keep my days a little less crazy and a touch more fun ( read sewing)!

This planner features a month at a glance calendar that includes a quilt block pattern ( BONUS block of the month).  It also has the week at a glance is my favorite!  Each week has a section at the bottom for personal, work, quilting to do lists and then a section for random notes.  It is perfect to have a dedicated place for each of the areas to help keep each area of life manageable!

At the end of each month is a planning area.  A grid filled wonderland of endless possibilities for your mind to go crazy with ideas! I have about ten random books that I have been keeping ideas in over the years. In all honesty, I either forget about the ideas or just lose them.  I am much more likely to keep these ideas if they are in my planner! 

This is fantastic! 

The Quilter's Planner by Stephanie Palmer is now ready with the 2017 version that I will most definitely have to order!  You can read more about this fabulous Planner and pre order by visiting The Quilter's Planner.

The 2017 planner is updated with NEW features and beautiful quilt photographs by Kitty Wilkin from Night Quilter!

Here is a short list of all that the 2017 Planner will include!  Pretty impressive!

The Quilter’s Planner includes:

This year’s edition is full of improvements made from the comments and suggestions you provided, including:
Weekly and monthly calendar pages
Laminated cover and tabs to last all year NEW!
Gorgeous quilt photography by Kitty Wilkin, of Night Quilter NEW!
More Project Planning Pages
More quilt patterns by top designers (14 to be exact!), 2 in the planner and 12 in a digital download ebook NEW!
Stickers for adding flare to your planning pages NEW!
A pocket on the back cover NEW!
Weekly block designs (with links to full online tutorials)
Weekly free motion quilting designs (and links to how-to videos!) NEW!

I am very thrilled to have this tool to keep my days a little less filled with insanity!


Shannon said...

I discovered the planner earlier this year after it had all sold out! I wasn't taking any chances and jumped on the pre-order option - can't wait to get my copy when they roll out in October :)

Liz Bess said...

I already ordered mine too!

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