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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Stash #194 Urban Artifacts

Sunday Stash #194 is so unique and fun!  Urban Artifacts by Leslie Tucker Jenison for RJR Fabrics is the perfect fabric if you are seeking whimsical patterns mixed with rich colors!

I reached into my Aurifil stash to discover six luxe colors ( one variegated) to be able to blend in or compliment the colors in the fabrics.  I was the most excited by the one Aubergine fabric!  I love a good Aubergine!

Urban Artifacts will be making its debut during International Quilt Market in Houston October 29-31.

If you are unable to attend this industry trade show, be sure to hop on Instagram and use the hashtag #quiltmarket to be able to preview all of the goodness that could be coming to a local quilt shop near you!

I cannot wait to dive into these colors to start sewing for market!  Even the selvedge is wonderful! #quiltwithlove 

I will be linking up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles


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