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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday!

I am a long time thrifter.  I love a good deal, I adore finding treasures and most of all I love collecting or rescuing items that have been discarded for whatever reason.

In all of my travels in the car taking the kids here or there, I will pass by numerous thrift shops.  The turn over here for items is pretty quick, so if you want to find interesting items, you need to visit frequently.

This past week I stopped in to the Salvation Army and found these treasures.

I found three bowls and three plates all of .50 a piece.  I was pretty happy with my find!

My everyday dishes are a a variety of the retired colors of Fiestaware and I love the Homer Laughlin China Company!

The name of the pattern see,s like it was made just for me :o)

This soup spoon is Italian silver-plated.  I have only one soup spoon in the house. For some reason the nine year old boy and I love that spoon.  It is one of a kind.

If either of us happens to get it out of the drawer, it is an event!  " Mom! Look what I got!"

We lead a very exciting life in this house!

I will be posting my finds ( if I have them) on Tuesdays.  Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes not so much.  I DO run across vintage sewing machines quite often.  I cannot bring all of them home but will post them on my Instagram feed with the username gogokim.

Do you go thrifting?   What are your best finds?


Susan said...

Here in Australia we call thrift shops, op shops (short for opportunity). I'm not sure why? But I love a good rummage through one, especially if I am in an area new to me! I love old plates too! I found a Fitz an Floyd owl mug once which matched one I already had and loved!

Teadoddles said...
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Teadoddles said...

I love thrifting! Glass is one of my favorite things to look for. I like the little dishes and silverware too. My favorite find was a $7 armchair at the local Habitat for Humanity that had 1 worn spot on the arm. We have the 100 mile Peanut Pickin' Yardsale coming up in Octoberand I can't wait!

O'Quilts said...

Lovely finds...pls post to encourage me on!! I love it too.

Charming bubble 52 said...

Your china find brought back memories of eating at my friend Kathy's house as her mom had that pattern for her "everyday" dishes.

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