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Friday, November 25, 2016


Pincushions are so easy to make and are perfect for scrappy sewing.  These pincushions I have been creating here and from last week have been from tiny strips, bits and pieces from used garments that have been thrifted, gifted or found.  

After using the main parts for sewing quilt blocks, what is left can be used to make pincushions.  There is little to no waste! 

Courthouse Steps are one of my favorites and this one is so adorable.   Like most of my projects, red makes its way into the designs.  It is only 1/4 in of red but it has a fab impact! 

I made a tiny start and realized I had run out of crushed walnut shells to fill it.  I really just half fill with shells, for weight and half with polyfill for fluff.

This is my sad flat star.

The two kids were thrilled to go to Pet Smart because they have chinchillas, fish and cats!  These keep them occupied while I seek out the goods for my pincushions.

The clerk was able to guide me to the right section after I was found wandering kind of aimlessly somewhere between the fish and bird section.

I apparently needed to be in the reptile section specifically in the Bearded Dragon area.  The clerk was surpassed to find out I use bedding ( meant for poop) in my pincushions.

Back to making I went once I had the much need weight ( I am now the proud owner of 5 lbs of the stuff)  in my hot little hands!

I did take a couple of days off of my everyday sewing schedule to take kids to the dentist and for a day a giving thanks.  

I loved bringing out some of my good dishes to enjoy a small dinner with my family.  The colors in vintage dishes make my heart sing!  

Today is back in the sewing room to tidy up ( I somehow lost six blocks) and hopefully get back into sewing!  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends! 

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margaret said...

like you courthouse steps is one of my favourite blocks loving the pin cushions. We cannot buy walnut shells from pet shops here they look at us as though we are daft when we ask for them the only places that sells them are quilting shops and they charge an arm and a leg.

Jen said...

What beautiful dishes! I thought to myself, "I would buy that fabric." hahaha. I need to find some of the walnut shells. My local pet store didn't have any and I had heard about using the sand and it felt good, but I think it filtered through the fabric a little bit even though I did 2 layers.

Unknown said...

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