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Friday, November 18, 2016

Pincushions and other fun!

Whoever said that you can have enough pincushions never met me! I have loads but that never stops me from making more!

The past couple of days I have been making pincushions.  Tiny little blocks of beautiful used garments.  There is a mixture or denim, chambray, and some other unknown origin fabrics. They are all spectacular together!

The first one I made is a simply log cabin.  The strips are 1/4 in finished.  I had to make the center red because that is what I do.  It is easy to stitch together using my 1/4 inch foot for my Bernina.  It is therapeutic after the first round.  The log cabin is my favorite block of al time. It always looks great and takes dry little effort.

The new addition today is a wonderful paper pieced Pineapple quilt block.  Again, the center is red.
I really enjoy using thrifted, gifted or found garments for projects.  The feel of the fabrics are different than quilters cotton.  The texture is wonderful.  Each piece is unique.

For this pincushion, I even used the flip side of the dark grey fabric to create the lighter grey for the next round.  I did not have the perfect color and this made an interesting alternative.

I also received some very happy mail from Lucy Brennan from Charm About You! She sent me a lovely brooch with TEENY TINY hexagons!  She also include a very sweet note and the most darling bag I have even seen! 

Thank you Lucy! 


If you did not see...

I am the Aurifil Designer of the Month for November! I am SO EXCITED to be a part of this exciting event! 

This my block Geese Feet!  It is an updated Goose Tracks with NO Y seams!  This year the Block of the Month is all Blue and White!  

To get the FREE pattern for this block, visit Aurifil Auribuzz!  You can also WIN a LARGE SPOOL Aurifil collection by making this block and linking the photo up to Pat Sloan's page!  
So be sure to make a block for the chance to WIN a thread collection and then grab some old clothing to make some fun pincushions!  

Linking up to Finish It Up Friday



margaret said...

liking the pincushions not so sure though about log cabin being easy when I have tried I seen not to get the lines 100% and it really shows even if a fraction out. Pineapple block also a tricky one to do. Have printed off your aurifil block plan to make the blocks when I have all 12 rather than doing as a BOM

Go-Go Kim said...

Hi Margaret!

I cut my widths but not my lengths for the log cabin, with the exception of the center block. I go slower than usual and use my 1/4in foot ( 37 on my Bernina). I trim the lengths as I go with scissors. I have found I get really good results doing the smaller blocks this way. The Pineapple Block is a paper pieced pattern not pieced. Not sure I could ( I may try someday) do it without the pattern!

Thank you so much for printing out Geese Feet! Try to make it now since you can be eligible to win the large spool collection of Aurifil if you make the current month's block and share!!!

travelinsewl said...

Thank goodness for paper piecing.

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