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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Scrappy New Year Commando style!

Welcome 2017!  I have been waiting for you all year!

Usually with a new year arriving comes resolutions, goals, words, reflections and so forth.  I have none!  Nope!  In 2017 I am going COMMANDO!  I am not committing to anything that could possible get in my way or hold me back from trying or doing or doubting!

I am looking forward to working hard, creating, traveling, seeing grand children, having fun with my friends ( both online and in real life), walking the dog and being the best ME I can be!



Kathy E. said...

I like your attitude, Kim! It's a fresh new start to a new year and it's wide open for possibilities! No limits, no restraints. Let's make it an unforgettable year!

Havplenty said...

My attitude exactly. In 2017 I will work to be the best me that I can muster, look forward to new adventures and be creative in my maker journey.

No self imposed hindrances or restraints or unrealistic deadlines or pressure driven goals. Commando it will be. And I look forward to growing in this journey and learning new things.

Welcome 2017!

Anonymous said...

I just love you Kim!

Judy H said...

Love the 'commando' idea.

margaret said...

good plans you have but no commando outside please do not want to read about you in the news!

Andee said...

That is the most refreshing advice I've heard - thanks for that!!

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