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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What happened to Monday?

When Tuesday becomes your Monday you know it is a Holiday Week!  Then Wednesday is the new Tuesday and well, Thursday really feels like it *should* be Friday but is is lacking in that relief feeling of the soon to be had weekend.

It makes a mess of a week that otherwise was to be perfect.  At least that is what I tell myself 😉

I did not find out about the Monday holiday until Sunday.  My Monday was completely planned out until I found out that all of the people that live in the house were going to be home on Monday.

GAME CHANGER! Everything I HAD planned was completely changed.

In the future,I will be checking the school calendar and syncing it up with my planner from The Quilters Planner!

What I did manage to accomplish is adding to the WIP wall!

I keep forgetting that as SOON as I clear off the wall from other projects ( that I should be finishing) other projects MAGICALLY APPEAR!

Another thrifted, gifted or found up cycled log cabin quilt is in the works!

While making more strips today, I remembered about ripping the fabric instead of cutting.  DO you rip or cut fabric?

And even though ONE project was already started, my eye kept going to a pile of colorful fabrics and then...these beauties happened! 

Clearly I am out of control!  I am a WIP MONSTER with massive quilt block ADD!  COLOR...SQUIRREL! 

Hopefully I will be able to plan out the rest of my week to accommodate my lack of planning for the one day.

But, if not...I can make more blocks! 



Anonymous said...

You are so creative. Love both log cabin blocks. But if ask to choose, my favourite is the blue ones. I don't rip but cut. I still have not figure why people rip.

ES said...

I'm not a ripper of fabric, no. I cut with my rotary cutter, I cut willy-nilly without lining up with the grain, I'm sure that's frowned upon but I mostly work with scraps. I have started and started and started this week, I need to finish some things!!!

margaret said...

what a great wall ypu have there it must be so inspring to see all your projects coming together I spotted the winter slostice blocks I too am enjoying doing them. I cut not rip, I understand depending on the quality of the fabric ripping can go wrong and as I do not purchase the expensive fabrics would fear ripping though I do rip quilt covers into 2 that I buy to back my quilts with, have had some wonderful bargains in the sales this month 100% cotton king size covers for £5 not to be missed.

Ada Plouvier-Kopitopoulou said...

I am afraid of ripping, so I cut. Lovely projects on your wall!

Barb Neiwert said...

I totally understand your desire to get on with quiltiness after a weekend! I'm VERY much like that after the Christmas/New Year holidays. I think we are like squirrels, but there is just too many colorful creative distractions to stick with just one project at a time!

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