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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quilt Show and Sewing Fun!

This week was both Quiltcon and Mid- Atlantic Quilt Festival.  As much as I wanted to go to Savannah for the fun and fabulous, I stayed right here in Virginia for the fabulous and fun!

I have been to both events in the past and I am completely in awe at all of the quilts that are presented. If you have never been to a quilt show, I encourage you to find one that is manageable for you attend and GO!

This year I did get to see one of my all time favorite artist's work in person, +Dan Rouse.  Dan is one of those quilt artists that has his own style BUT he shakes it up and makes different things all of the time.  He is never in a box and I am always completely in LOVE when I see his work!

His quilt in the show was no exception!

Curvy, pieced, raw edge appliqué...AWESOME!!!!!!

There just happened to be the most wonderful quilt hostess ( I am not even sure what to call the volunteers with the white gloves) and I asked her if I could see the back.  If you have never seen Dan's work, if and when you do ( make a special trip if you need to), ask to see the back!  ALWAYS!

Dan's quilt backs are spectacular all on their own!

She was lovely and was completely surprised to see the back, as were a few other people walking by! She could only lift is so far but we all marveled at how incredible this quilt is and how fortunate we were to see it!

Thank you Dan for another spectacular quilt!

I also ran into Rob and Judy from +Olde City Quilts.  We spent a little time catching up.  I am hoping to be making a trek up to NJ very soon to check out their wonderful shop!  If you are near to them, GO SEE THEM!  They are so super sweet! 

When I returned home, there was so much to catch up on but sewing took the priority spot! I threw on some old jeans, apparently could not locate matching socks, gathered up a handful of stuff ( I have NO CLUE why a turkey baster top is here) and started MAKING!  I may have been brain storming while I was sewing too, which is never a great idea but happens all of the time! This is my life 💥

I needed to make some more economy blocks for the soon to be MASSIVE WIP that I combined a couple of weeks ago.

These are paper pieced 4" finished economy blocks made with Japanese linen and Liberty of London.

I have paper pieced all of my block using +Aurifil 50wt thread.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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margaret said...

wow what a quilt now going to follow his blog a very talented quilter. I have 140 economy blocks made a couple of years ago not FPPing must try and put them together!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! I'm happy for you to see Dan's quilt in live! I'm his fan too! Your economy blocks are so beautiful with the fussy cut centres! x Teje

O'Quilts said...

wow so stunning

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