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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Sewing { story book blocks pattern link}

Happy National Quilting Day!

How will you be celebrating today?  I hope you will be sewing up a storm!

I am sure there will be sewing at some point in the day.  Fabrics have been chosen for various projects ( always) and I am looking forward to some one on one time with my machine.

Earlier this week, I spent time making Tall Tale Book Blocks.  The pattern is by Kate Basti and can be found here.

I used a variety of fabrics for my blocks and the pages of the books are made with up cycled men's shirts or seersucker slacks. All of my blocks are paper pieced using +Aurifil thread.

This block is the story of my son.  My first child. My baby.

This one is the story of my baby that was 29 on St.Patrick's Day. I know...I can someone SO YOUNG have a 29 year old? Well, that is easy...I got pregnant! 

I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant but it happened anyway ( doctors can be wrong just so you know). I received a + pregnancy test and acceptance into Hospital Corpsman school on the same morning. I had the highest score that had ever gotten to test into the school. I was told I had to make a choice. I could have a baby or go to school. I could not do both. 

I said thanks but no thanks. When you are 20 and told that you will never be able to have a baby naturally, it is a game changer, a life shaker. I knew that I wanted my baby more than anything.

I had no idea how much that one decision would change the rest of my life.

The baby boy that was born March 17th is my everything. I would never have and will still never trade my time with him for anything else is the world. He shifted my views on the world, on love on relationships. He has taught me the meaning of love, forgiveness and has known more loss than I will ever understand.

All of the choices made in life are made based on what we know at the time. 

The boy in the in the book is my boy, my love and my dream come true and the best St.Patricks Day gift ever! 

The second block I made was a fun one remembering the times I had with my two older boys while they were growing up! 

  • "The princess longed for a simpler life..."

    I spent so much time with my boys when they were younger. We lived in Sunnyvale, then Jacksonville and then San Diego. I would always find outdoor activities to keep them running! Those days at the beach, the zoo and a variety of museums also left me more tired than them 😂😂😂

    I dreamed of one day having a small homestead with chickens, a garden ( or avocado 🥑 grove) and maybe some ducks 🦆 A simpler life...

    That dream is not happening like EVER now but I can go visit +PersimonDreams  at her orchard instead and pretend ❤

    Finally, I made this sweet little bird Economy Block just for fun!

    I hope you have a FABULOUSLY FUN Quilter's holiday!  If you are looking for me you may be able to find me here...



CaroleM said...

Yay for miracle babies! Well all babies really. Love your sewing space! Until I saw this I didn't know it was Natoinal Quilting Day. It is also the 1st day of my vacation. I said to my DH I know what I'm doing today! Have fun!

Go-Go Kim said...

Have a FANTASIC sewing day!

Salmagundi said...

I had a miracle baby on March 16, 1968 --- changed my life for the best forever, too. Love your book blocks. Sally

margaret said...

a miracle baby but reading this I think you have 2 more as well?

rosemaryschild said...

Wonderfully happy life story!

O'Quilts said...

wonderful book blocks

bookworm said...

Such a sweet story about your son. My husband and I have three daughters who are lovely treasures to us. When I got pregnant the 4th time, I was sure it was a boy. My honey was positive it was a girl. He's usually right, so I didn't buy any boy things. We had plenty of girl clothes. What a surprise we had when our son was born. A church that my husband had visited to teach sent us a huge box of boy clothes. That was so fun to open and explore. His name is Will and I'm very proud of the man he has become.

Rosa said...

Fabulous book blocks.Love them all.

Great post about your baby.

Janet Locane said...

It's amazing!

JeffThorsen777 said...

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