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Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday Motivation { How to Build an Audience on Social Media}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation! This week is tips for creative brands and businesses to grow their online social media presence!

The past six years of my business life has been to dedicated to help creative businesses successfully grow online through social media. My area of expertise is for the sewing and quilting industry but what I have discovered while building my own brand is that the same rules apply to any brand or business no matter the size.

If you are a small business and are looking for ways to break through all of the noise and find your audience, the following tips are exactly what will help you to be heard and get you to that next level!

The ability to build brands online as opposed to traditional print, radio or television ads is still a relatively new concept. It is not too late for your business to jump on the train and get started!

Social media has opened doors that were previously unable to be reached without a person physically knocking door to door and being able to convince someone ( typically the lady of the house) into purchasing whatever item was in the case dragged for miles.

In the creative industry, there has been an explosion of companies all knocking at the doors of anyone with a desktop, laptop or mobile device. This explosion has created significant noise.
With the constant stream of information from so many areas coming in, people are beginning to keep their doors shut to your brand on the other side. Instead of giving up on this vital part of marketing your brand, take advantage of what you have to push through the noise!

If your company is not being heard or neglected by consumers, it may be time to try some new ideas. There are actions you can take, starting today, that do not involve SEO or expensive equipment. You can completely start growing your business audience using what you already have on hand!

Community is key when building a business online. Every brand needs to build a community of people that will trust you are a source of inspiration, guidance and support.

Some of the ways you can build your community online:

Create Online Groups:
If you are not already on social media, GO NOW and start!

Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. To date these are the three easiest to learn and manage. These are also 100% FREE to join and use!

Your presence online is a must for people to see you and know your are there. If you are not
To be online you must be consistent! These are relationships you are building. You cannot go from introducing yourself to marriage in a day unless you are in Vegas! Introduce yourself and be ready to be there for your customers! Woo them, wow them and take care of them.
Know that the commitment is real!

The internet does not sleep. If you cannot manage a hiring a Social Media Manager, try breaking it down into shifts for the people in your shop to help manage the social media they enjoy the most. If it is only you, add this to your daily schedule of tasks. You can use online tools such as Hootsuite and Tailwind to help you manage your posts. Enable notifications to keep you in touch when people do comment on your posts so you can reply in a timely manner.
This time commitment will pay off in the long run.

Service Projects:
Service projects is my most favorite in the ways to build. Service projects are a way for a group to build something together. It is wonderful to participate and it feels good to know you are helping someone less fortunate.

As an example, Fat Quarter Shop has an excellent program for charity quilt blocks that all of the proceeds are given to a children's charity. The blocks for the sew along are free from FQS. Fat Quarter Shop asks for a donation but it is not a requirement. The program lasts for months and earns thousands of dollars for the chosen charity. The people that participate are thrilled to be a part this worthwhile project. The boost in community loyalty is priceless.

If your business does not have the where with all to produce a larger service project, start small! The bulk of online shops are local businesses. Reach out locally to find a need to provide an opportunity for people to sew, knit or crochet items for the community locally or for organizations including Project Linus, Little Dresses for Africa or American Patchwork and Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. You can provide space and maybe even materials for the community to create together. Share your projects online with photos and the people participating!

Take Great Photos:
Everyone LOVES good photos. Learn how to take and edit photos from your phone. Most phones have excellent photo capabilities . Download A Color Story ( a free app) and learn how to quickly edit photos. There are also YouTube videos that can help you master the fine art of editing. You will love how easy this is once you get the knack!

Be a Great Host or Hostess:
When sharing in social media, remember you are inviting people into your home. You are the host and they are your guest.

Provide a variety of information from various areas. When you cross post and cross promote be sure to include the information for the sources you are sharing. No matter what community you are in, people appreciate knowing the source. This is a trust building step. Sometimes it takes extra time to seek out all of the information but this step is crucial for your brand to be a trusted source of information and a trusted business to designers.

Do not post only brand items. The guests that were invited into your home will be bored witless very quickly. They will feel as though they are trapped with the narcissistic alcoholic uncle showing VHS tapes of they trip to Grand Canyon. YIKES!

Mix it up with a variety of interesting photos from your shop, intriguing videos of your creative area in history, humor ( not vulgar), and inspiring stories. A rule of thumb is if you are interested, your customers probably will be too!

Make sure to involve yourself in the online communities by commenting on comments left on your pages, on other brands pages and especially when people leave a comment regarding an issue. Be kind, courteous and make sure you take care of it immediately. The people that are on your pages will see that you are helping your customers and will know that you are trustworthy.

By building a community online, you will be building your business in the most important way possible.

As with anything, you will have to be patient ( the worst part) but if you love what you do, love your brand and, most importantly, LOVE your community, your efforts will reap real benefits for you and for your customers.

For more about how to grow your business on social media, I will be conducting a business seminar during International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon.

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Saturday, May 19, 9-10 a.m.
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During the seminar I will go in depth about some of the highlights here and so much more! You will be able to walk out of the seminar and use what I will be sharing immediately!  

Take some of the tips mentioned above and don't delay! Start building your online business today!



Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Lots of great tips and advice. Thank you xx

Anna said...

Kim: Thank you so much for mentioning Project Linus. I am the coordinator of the Fairfax County chapter, but also cover Arlington, Loudoun and Prince William counties. I retired from my federal government job in the Washington DC area and have found the Project Linus volunteer job just as busy, and fulfilling in a different way. I have meet many generous blanketeers, from children to adults, to include women, men, girls and boys from churches, temples, schools, scouting groups, community service groups, corporations, etc. The recipients at hospitals, clinics, family homeless shelters, and social service programs, etc. appreciate the blankets, afghans and quilts very much.

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