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Monday, May 7, 2018

How Blogging Can Increase Your Profit!

Blogs are SO 2009!

How would a blog help your creative business?

A blog is a wonderful way to expand on your business story. Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many others outlets are just a tease of what your shop or creative business has to offer. Why limit your self and what you have to offer to your customers?

Many shops have a website for their business that does absolutely nothing to help sales. If you were sold the idea of a website to build your business ( especially if you are not selling online), someone was misguiding you. That website is probably sitting collecting all kinds of internet dust and looks like it does belong in 2009!

Time to reconsider a working blog with an updated look to bring your business looking its best! 

A blog is a place where you can create the ongoing story of your shop, what is happening, tutorials and other great content for your customers to get to know you better! There is no other way for customers online to really get to know you, your staff and the products and services you offer.  No other social media or newsletter can offer the same storytelling capabilities of a blog.

There are many free ways to start a blog and very low cost ways to customize the site to suit your needs.

I can recommend two that are easy to learn and easy to use:


Go-Go Kim is a Blogger Blog that looks and acts a regular website. I have a custom .com a personalized logo icon and my social media is connected to take you to everywhere I am on the internet. I also have a email address. These are all easy to do, are inexpensive and make your business look professional.


Wordpress ia another free alternative for a blog. Wordpress would be a great alternative for a shop that will be selling product. 

You can also create your own look or purchase templates ( they are inexpensive) to give a professional look to your blog. I recently used pipdig to update my blog look and found the product and experience flawless. The templates they offer vary in price from $49- $59 and are available for either Blogger or WordPress. They also provide an installation service included in the cost ( HELLO something I can cross off my to do list).

Blogs are a great place to easily run giveaways and contests. Not everyone is on all of the social media outlets but if they are online, they will have access to your blog.

Having a big sale or a great event with a well known designer? Your blog is the way to share all of the details prior to the event, the photos from the event and get people looking forward to your next event. The same goes for classes. The customers love to see photos of what is happening. To your prospective customer, it is the perfect way to show them exactly what you offer, what to expect when they are in your shop and can ease fears of the unknown.

After you set up your blog, start a schedule of posting 2-3 times a week. You can have " New Product Tuesday" or " What's In my Stash Friday" to give a constant that your viewers will look forward to each week. I have Motivation Monday to help keep me on track for blogging! I play with WIP Wednesday to share all of my ongoing projects to help me keep up with what I can doing and to inspire myself to keep going!

With a blog you can set up your own Block of the Month program with how-to posts including step by step photos or short videos. With Blogger you can add a linky party for people to share their blocks throughout the month!

Your content is your own so the sky is the limit!

With all of your socials connected to your blog, it is a home base for everything you do on the world wide web. People will learn to look forward to hearing more about what your shop or business is doing and how they can become involved.

There is no reason that your business cannot take a leap into the blogging world with a little time and very little investment!

I will be talking more about how to create a low cost alternative to expensive websites during International Quilt Market in Portland, May 2018, please sign up for my business seminar ' How to Build Your Shop Social Media on a Shoestring Budget'. 

** I am not an affiliate for any of the brands mentioned**



ChezVies said...

Absolutely agree with everything you have written here. Blog is still the best place! not to mention the long tail keywords affects. In fact my best sellers still come from my old blog post! Thanks for sharing!

KeyQuilter said...

It's so hard to get it ALL done! I quilt professionally at my shop Plus sell fabric and all that goes with. Gotta visit with people who come in- even if I CAN find the time, I'm usually outta energy bcz I've been ON all day! Got suggestions?

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