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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Best Way to Use Up Fabric Scraps!

The month of May and now June have left me in the dust! 

Too many activities to mention and gone away from home more than actually being home had an impact on both my sewing productivity and my studio cleaning was non existent! 

I took on the challenge of my studio head right after my daughter's high school graduation was over.  The purge was long overdue. LONE OVERDUE!  I dove in to the fabrics, thread and unfinished projects.

Instead of just passing over some of the unfinished projects ( that is what usually happens), I decided to take the time to complete some of the smaller or faster finishes first.

These cushion covers for my sofa were my first finish!

 These are 100% made from fabric scraps.  The string blocks are so simple to make!

When I started these I wrote a blog post and added a short video for how to make string blocks. This project will at least start you on your way to busting some scraps. These rainbow blacks really made my and my kids smile!

For the curved edges, I tried out Sharon McConnell's Classic Curves Ruler. It makes the perfect curves in a variety of sizes to suit just about and project you are working on.

During my Summer Purge, I am also saying goodbye to some of my stash! I have donated over thee bags of fabrics!

I am also having weekly giveaways on my Instagram feed! This week is this sweet bundle.

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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

The cushion covers are lovely; I've been feeling the need to tidy and purge a bit recently, too. I look forward to seeing what you are sewing next!

Mary said...

I follow you on email not instagram. I don't use instagram.

Unknown said...

You have some of the best idea's lady!

Steve B. said...

Wow, those cushions look so cool! I love how the colors are coordinated. Nice work!

Rammy Jones said...

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