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Monday, September 3, 2018

Two Separates Sewing Patterns You Cannot Be Without!

Sewing garments continues to bring me great joy.  It is interesting to see how many of the techniques I had been using for making quilts also applies to garments. This can only be made better when you find Burberry fabric in your stash that was purchased 11 years ago and put away for safe keeping, moved from California to Virginia and stored in a closet for 9 years.

Over the Summer months, I made quite a few garments.  They are so much faster to finish than quilts, making them lovely for when you need a sewing fix but don't have the time for a full quilt. A house full of kids, getting one ready to leave for college and Summer in general makes fast sewing fixes necessary.

I found the aforementioned faric then went in search of what I could make that would be worthy of the timeless classic print. For these separates, I found in my sewing stash, a Jiffy pattern 1364, that was originally printed the year I was born ( 1966), and McCalls pattern  3830

Style A was my choice. I am not a big fan of sleeveless tops for myself.  I do have sleevless shirts in my wardrobe but if I am making something to wear out, it must have sleeves.

Fitted garments are my style. I find too many patterns are made boxy that is not very flattering on any shape or flowy that look more like a maternity dress and at 52 and after 4 kids, I am not a fan of appearing to look like a box nor pregnant!

This top pattern is rather clever.  Although it is a looser fitting garment, it has darts in just the right places, hits at just the right area above the hips and even has little darts in the elbow area to give a more finished look.

It took me longer than I had anticipated to finish, but I am thrilled with the construction and fit of this top!

The Skirt is McCalls Pattern 3830.

Truth be told, my first impression of this skirt was *meh*.  From the illustrations, it seemed ill fitting and more like the boxy patterns I do not care for in clothing. I had put it at the back of my make list for years.

Not sure why I chose it this time but that is what happened and I could not be more pleased.

This pattern, hands down, is the best commercial pattern I have ever tried.

Read more on my Sewing Garments for Beginners post where I try out both independent and commercial patterns, what tools I use, and a short list of things you can try for more successful garment sewing.

This pattern was not written in a language that can only be understood by master seamstresses, it breaks everything down in easy and understandable step by step instructions.  There is a lovely kick pleat in the back and darts in both the front and back creating a more fitted skirt. 

The pieces together look polished either tucked or untucked. As separates, they make a fantastic pop to anything from jeans to a simple black sweater ( I have about 100). 

All of my garments are made on my Janome Serger using Aurifil 40wt 3 ply thread and my Bernina 440QE using Aurifil 40wt 2 ply thread.

I was especially pleased when the in-house 11-year-old said he would help me take photos in the sweltering heat.  He is owed an ice cream from Carl's for sure. We were both dying by the end but he really has a great eye without my being too bossy! He is SO HIRED!!!!

If you are looking to try a garment pattern for the advanced beginner, Jiffy 1364 and McCalls 3830 get 2 thumbs up from me!


Sew Hungryhippie said...

You look FABULOUS and CHIC and the 11 yr old for sure does have an excellent eye! That wall background is so rich daaaaaaaaling, it makes you pOp even more than normal. I wish I could pull off plaid, but sadly no. This is so BURBERRY! I expect to see you on 5th Avenue giving advice to Anna Wintour in the near future.

Go-Go Kim said...

OMG! You are the sweetest! The wall is the said of a bar...LOL!!!! It is in the perfect spot with Northern Exposure so not too hot!

Thank you so much <3

Hilary said...

Love the outfit Kim! I have the top pattern but it was cut 2 babies ago, and doesn't quite fit anymore lol.

Go-Go Kim said...

New fabric new cutting out! Get your selfish sewing on!

DUI Abogado Fairfax said...

This pattern was not written in a language that only master seamstresses can understand; it breaks everything down into simple and understandable step by step instructions. Tiene un hermoso pliegue de golpe en la parte trasera y dardos en la parte frontal y posterior, lo que hace que el vestido sea más ajustado. Estoy agradecido de que este post haya aclarado el tema. This post was well-written and easy to understand. Looking forward to reading more posts like this in the future. I am sure many readers will find this post useful. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia y conocimiento.

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